the The paper lamps are very beautiful. We all love them and they really give us a special warmth and a feeling of simplicity and nature inside our room. Some time ago they became very fashionable and still today they are a great option to decorate the house. Then we will talk a little more about the paper lamps, and we also explain how you can make one yourself.


Paper lamps

colored paper lamps

Paper lamps are characterized by being like any other lamp, but their peculiarity is that their lampshade is made with a kind of paper, undoubtedly influenced by oriental or Japanese style decorations.

In reality They are not very expensive and can be found in many different colors and papers. Of course, the more the papers used in its design are developed, the more expensive our lamps become.

That is why what we recommend to all who are DIY enthusiasts and want apply your style and new designs to the basic items, you better buy the standard paper lamp.

the most basic model of all, the cream colored paper lamp which is of minimum cost and hardly involves spending money will be the best option for those who want to give your most personal aspect.

Now that we have told you about it, thousands of options have surely occurred to you and your imagination is already thinking about it. grains of rice, ribbons, buttons, fabrics and even dolls hanging from the lamp.

Of course, everything happens absolutely and often it is not a question of giving you a recipe in itself, but of waking up your imagination. I never do things exactly as I’m told. You should always try to apply a personal and unique touch to it. What sets us apart from the rest of the people.

You already know. For Creative and dreamer like you, it is better to get standard pieces and design to your liking. How did you imagine your paper lamp?

How to make our own lamp paper

how to make a paper lamp

Now if you want us to give you a simple idea for making a paper lamp, you can choose for example make one with several doilies, which are these small paper tablecloths that are used to place cakes on top.

how to make a lamp out of paper

You don’t need it as much as you see in the photo, it will depend on the size of the lamp, but to start you must have one lamp that is already round even if it’s not exactly paper.


A little of double sided tape, we can cover the whole lamp with doily paper, cut to make them better and voila! You will have already created your own paper lamp.

How to make a traditional paper lamp

How to make a traditional paper lamp

If instead you want to make a more traditional paper lamp, which looks more like the ones used in ancient China, you need to follow the steps we are showing now, although you will need the following materials first:

  • Rice paper
  • Tape
  • Base of a lamp with socket.
  • Small voltage bulb
  • Flame retardant spray
  • Double-sided adhesive tape or vinyl glue.
  • Decorations to taste.

Once you have all the materials we have listed, you can start making your paper lamp in the traditional way. To do this, you have to try have a sheet of rice paper, preferably whiteat. Obviously you can choose to use any other color but if you choose it white, you will see how much more light it emits is. The sheet should be large enough to cover the mold and, consequently, the form which we intend to give to the lamp at the end of our construction. For more safety, we can spray the fire retardant spray on the rice paper. In any case, in case you did not or did not find this spray, do not worry because at the moment we can find on the market a wide choice of energy saving light bulbs. energy, able to stay cold even after prolonged use.

Now we will have to place a lamp holder (a shade) with the electric cable and the bulb accessory already soldered. Then we fold the rice paper, which will be hard enough not to break, into the shape we want. This way we can make a cube, a sphere, a rectangle or just in the traditional way you have the lampshade. You can really enjoy creating original and totally personalized lamps, depending on the shape of the shade you are going to use.

Then, it is necessary to proceed by gluing the ends of the rice paper folded to taste. Now we fix it with tape or vinyl glue diluted with a little water (in this case it is not recommended to use hot silicone, because it is not recommended in the case of sticking something that ultimately continues to be a source of heat). Avoid leaving pieces of paper that can move and touch the bulb or structure, causing annoying short circuits. Now we fix the form to the support with tape. Let’s make sure the shape is secure and stable, so that it doesn’t move too easily. We can too add small decorations to our rice paper lamp according to where it needs to be placed. Ethereal butterflies or sweet little flowers, we can give free rein to our imagination and thus make our paper lamp even more beautiful.

Alternatives to make the paper lamp

How to make a traditional paper lamp

Once we have seen how you can make a paper lamp in a simple but traditional way, you can also choose these other alternatives:

  • Cardboard: To make a sturdy paper hanger, all you need is a bit of cardboard or cardboard along with a utility knife and glue. You can make the hat you will need for the lamp from a piece of cardboard the same way you did with the rice paper. The alternative idea? Buy the die-cut cardboard at any hardware store and decorate it. With the cutter, you can engrave the surface of a leaf by drawing geometric shapes and floral patterns. If you have decided to create the base, you can decorate the cardboard, cutting pieces in the shape of a flower for example, to stick to the base, in this way you will get an original volume effect, which will intensify with the light.
  • Cardboard: Do you want to personalize an old lamp that you no longer use? Hold the base and attach a new screen created from a piece of card stock. Also make small roses out of cardstock that you will glue to the surface of the cardboard you will be using as a screen, also leaving an open incision, so that light can filter through while playing with chiaroscuro. Alternative idea: create crochet flowers. Be careful, however, to choose light colors and not to sew too large flowers to avoid obstructing the light.
  • Sheet of paper and thread: The wire can be used for a cylinder-shaped base. Once done, you need to overlay and glue a sheet of paper on which you have made engravings with the cutter. You can draw floral, geometric or butterfly designs. Is there a decoration you like? For example, use the decoupage technique to personalize your creation. Also, as you experiment with different types of paper, you will notice an interesting variety of effects on your lamp.