Nothing like bringing the imagination to life to create things as simple and beautiful as these branch paper roses. You’re going to want to put it in the hall of your house and we’re sure every time someone walks into the house they’ll ask you: How did you do it? In this post I want to answer how I made paper roses to decorate, for example, vases. They can be used for a lot of other things, like a still life that you place on the living room table, but hey, let’s focus on the bouquets of paper roses that come out so well for me that you have. surely want to see. The result is spectacular, as you can see in the following image!

paper roses on branch

Materials to create paper roses

For this profession we will need the following items. You can find them in stationery and craft stores and you can even choose the colors you are going to use. Ideally, if we want to make paper roses, we should go for red. But hey, there are people who prefer to include other colors. If it’s for the girl’s room They prefer to do them in pink or, if it’s for the child, in white and blue. You decide. But it is true that there are many combinations of tones.


Paper and pencil to do the design before starting to work.
Red cardstock. A big one may be enough, but if this is your first time, it won’t hurt to buy two. Think that you might be wrong at first. It’s not that it is difficult but the first few times it can always be difficult and you will be annoyed if you have to go out and get more cardboard in the middle of the work of making paper roses at home to decorate the room.
The scissors which are sharp to cut well. They should be stationery specific. Do not go for those in the kitchen, which are very thick, more boring and can make your task difficult, we will warn you!
Glue bar to glue the parts.
Dry branches, this is where we will hang the roses that we make with the red card and that we will later put in the vase that we like the most. If it is white, better than better, because it goes very well with the darkness of the branches and the passion red of the paper flowers.
Vase put the flowers we created with the cardboard and the dry branches.

How to make paper flowers the traditional way

We are finally taking action. Take the pencil and open the card wide. Make sure it doesn’t bend so that the design doesn’t come out well. You can put something strong in the corners that will work on it and keep it taut. Now you have to go do concentric circles. Try to make them right, as you will then need to cut to make the paper roses we are working on.

The next step is to take action, go for the scissors! Go carefully cut the flowers you created. We forget to tell you that, of course, you will need as many drawn flowers as you want to hang on the dry branches that will go into the vase, then you decide. As we discussed at the beginning, take it step by step. At first, experiment with the first four to see how you can draw the circles and cut them out bit by bit.

Step 3 is very important. Once we cut we have to go roll up cardboard from one end, little by little and carefully. When everything is rolled up you have to open it up a bit and use the glue at the end of the roller to make the flower look what it is … This step may be the one that costs you the most, then. .. patience. If you see that it doesn’t come out the first time around, don’t give up and try as many times as needed until the cardboard roses are ready. As a guide, tell yourself that the square from which these pieces are drawn and will be cut should measure approximately 10 centimeters for each piece.

how to make paper roses on a branch

We already have, in theory, our bouquet of flowers, how beautiful they are! We will hang them on the branches that will go inside the vase. Use glue and glue the base of the flower to the thickest branches you see in the bouquet where they are placed. Let them dry for a few minutes so that they don’t come off on the first change and remember that patience is essential for achieving crafts to decorate the house and we want them to look good so we can show them off.

You can also see how to make photos with buttons, another very nice and easy idea to decorate the house. We leave it here so you don’t miss it:

Plaid with buttons

Another option that there is to attach them to the branches and what you see in the picture is to insert them at the top of the branch, at the top, so to speak. It is as if they were pierced there. May cut it all out with glue, so that this paper flower craft does not fail and in the end you end up repeating the whole process.
The result is very beautiful. This model can be followed with other colors, even by mixing tones. The result is very cool and interesting for decorate any room in the house. There are people who choose to make these crafts with other shapes, like stars. This is a very valid idea for times like Christmas.

To get the most out of this DIY time at home, discuss it with your partner or your kids, if you have them, and make one. day of family activities. Children tend to get excited and have fun when participating in activities around the house as a team. They will see how everything has its rewards and they will learn to pay attention to handcrafted items. From an early age, teach them to appreciate all the things that are made with their hands, which are always more special than those in the industry. They will also learn to be patient and careful.

Crepe paper roses

Crepe paper roses are a very easy craft to make and the result we will get is truly magnificent. It is a profession which you learn fast And getting a bouquet of these crepe paper roses won’t take too long.

What do we need to make crepe paper roses? We only need two things: crepe paper and scissors. Now that we have the material ready, we will begin to work with enthusiasm.

how to make paper roses on a branch step by step

To start, we’ll cut a piece of rolled crepe paper that measures 7 cm wide. Once cut, we will begin to carefully unroll it, trying not to tear the paper.

From one corner we start with a double fold. This double fold is only made when start the process: then we continue to make a single fold. The folds should be oriented in turn: one is done forward and the next, back, and so on we will alternate them. Once all the folds have been made, we roll up the tape. This is how we will form the rose.

Tissue paper roses

Tissue paper roses are a very beautiful craft that can be used for decorate the holidaysto top it off in a lovely gift box… And they’re so easy to make!


To begin with, we will place each leaf of the silk paper, on top of each other. We have to try to match exactly to get the desired result.
We will proceed to folding the sheets of tissue paper, combining them in an accordion shape. We have to try that each fold is about 2.5cm wide. We will keep put all the sheets of paper together while we fold them, and we will not stop until the tissue paper is finished.
Then we fold all the papers from end to end so that in this way unfolding them is easier for us after.

We will start to wrap the central part of the flowers, put a wire directly in the bending area. We have to wrap it enough so that the paper is well attached, that it does not fall (with what it cost us to get here), and we will finish it by making a kind of knot to make sure that ‘it does not fall.
With the longer end of the wire we will create the stem of the flower.
Finally, we will unfold the flower. We will carefully disperse the tissue paper without tearing it. We’re going to start separating the petals and… we already have our flowers.

Paper roses step by step

The process of making paper roses is very simple. We only need a strip of cardboard or thick paper of size A2, glue and wooden stick. The stick will be the stem of the rose.


All we have to do is go carefully roll up the paper or cardboard, to go to form a spiral. To get a more realistic final effect, we will bend the tape as we roll it. This way we will get more geometric edges which will make our rose look more natural.

Pictures of paper roses on a branch