Wood do Paraíso or Cinamomo is also known as Mindi wood in Latin America and in English-speaking countries, such as Chinaberry. Its scientific name is Melia azedarach. It is a quality wood and relatively easy to work, of Asian origin.

Although its origin is more specifically in Southeast Asia, it is abundant in many other parts of the world. It is due to its widespread use as an ornamental tree, since it grows easily and quickly in different types of soils, almost without care. In fact, they have become an invasive species in many places.

It is, therefore, an abundant species that is far from being at risk. Although, as we have already mentioned, in many areas its main use is ornamental.

This species adapts easily to different environments, in fact it can be considered an invasive species, as it can displace native species, which is aggravated by its good natural resistance. Therefore, farms must be controlled.

Paradise Wood Features

Color: From orange with pink tones to reddish brown. The sapwood has a much more defined yellow hue. It darkens with exposure to the sun. Comparisons to mahogany wood are common.

Fiber: Mostly straight, sometimes interlaced.

Grain: Thick.

Density: 610 kg / m³.

Toughness (Monnin): 2.5 soft wood.

Durability: It is not considered a species of high durability against humidity, fungi and insects. The heartwood is slightly more durable than the sapwood.

Dimensional stability:

  • Volumetric contraction coefficient: –

Mechanical properties:

  • Compressive strength: 570 kg / cmtwo
  • Resistance to static bending: – kg / cmtwo
  • Modulus of elasticity: 91,500 kg / cmtwo

Workability. It is quite easy to work due to its average density and straight grain:

  • Easy sawing.
  • Easy brushing.
  • Easy gluing.
  • Finishing with some problem due to the large pore in its grain that hinders a smooth finish. To obtain a good finish it is necessary to seal it first.
  • Although working on mindi wood furniture is simple, the use of a mask and glasses is recommended, as dust or sawdust are especially uncomfortable.

Price: Moderate in areas where there is logging. For most areas, it is a type of import and therefore relatively expensive.

Mindi wood

Uses of cinnamon wood

  • Veneers and plywood.
  • Sizes.
  • Spinning.
  • Furniture.