Parasitic farm.  Home composting farm

Today, the vast majority of the population lives in big cities and only a small part of the cultivated land is managed in an ecological way. Although we have fruits and vegetables all year round, we lose touch with how they are grown, harvested and transported. Seasonal products are unknown. what can we do?.

Parasitic farm.  Home composting farm to grow your fresh vegetables

Urban areas do not leave much room for farming practices, and not everyone has access to a balcony or garden. The answer to this question Nils ferber is the “Pest Farm”: A system that allows you to create your own compost at home with the biological waste that we generate daily, with the generated humus we can grow our own vegetables inside our apartment.

It consists of a single container put on the kitchen table and some pots with lighting artificial that easily adapts to a shelf. With the design of this small nutrient cycleIts designers want to promote the production of their own food, raise awareness of the production of industrial products and offer possible alternatives.

Parasitic farm.  Home composting farm to grow your fresh vegetables

In order to integrate into our house and with our habits, the worm humus system and plant boxes use existing furniture. The worms feed on leftover food, to create compost and – in turn – to feed fresh vegetables.

Parasite Farm-5-Compost-Factory

Parasite Farm-Compost-Factory

The cycle begins in the kitchen, where food becomes waste. A sliding cutting board allows waste to be stored in a container in which a series of microorganisms break down food waste to convert it into essential nutrients for plants. This is how waste becomes organic matter.

Parasite Farm-7-Compost-Factory

Parasite Farm-6-Compost-Factory

After a few days, the water from the pieces of fresh vegetables or fruits collects in a tank. Being used in irrigation acts as a liquid fertilizer.

Parasite Farm-7-Compost-Factory-2

About 3 months later, the compost rich in nutrients, it has already undergone its complete transformation so can be used as soil for cultivation.

Parasite Farm-9-Compost-Factory-2

Parasite Farm-9-Compost-Factory

Parasite Farm-10-Compost-Factory

Parasite Farm-11-Compost-Factory

In collaboration with: Charlotte dieckmann.

Pictures: Alexander Giesemann.