It is very likely that at some point you asked yourself: laminate flooring or parquet ?, Especially if you are moving to a new house, are in the middle of a renovation or if you are simply thinking about redecorating a room.

But what are the practical differences between parquet flooring and laminate flooring? The answer to this question was divided into 3 points: costs, durability, cleanliness and maintenance.


Laminate flooring costs

Without a doubt, we can say that laminate flooring is cheap, just compare it with other types of flooring to see that it is true. Although on the other hand it can also be said that there are important price differences depending on the range we are talking about. Until a few years ago, in this field, it was easy to find someone who claimed that “it was too cheap to be good”, however, these types of comments disappeared, except in cases where it is a low laminate floor. quality.

Another reason why it was declared to be so cheap is that it was not an authentic product, it was not natural wood and it could not be compared. In part this statement is true, we are basically talking about pressed wood (MDF) on which a paper with a design or drawing is glued, however, in recent years the qualities of these drawings, not only from the point of view of Impression also by touch it would put more than one person in trouble when it comes to distinguishing a laminate floor from a solid wood one.

In addition, it is relatively simple to install and does not require major works, which significantly reduces the cost of its execution.

Solid wood parquet costs

The cost is obviously much higher, even when choosing cheap wood. This is basically due to the fact that we are not buying the same, while for parquet we buy raw wood in another one, we buy MDF sheets with much lower costs and where even residues or leftovers from the wood industry are used for manufacturing.

In addition, it would be necessary to add all the maintenance costs involved in maintaining a solid wood floor in good condition, for example, periodic sanding and varnishing.


Laminate floor durability

Good quality MDF has considerable resistance to impacts, friction and moisture. In addition, an extra layer is added to improve these resistances. In fact, the levels are reached in such a way that manufacturers currently give guarantees that can go up to 25 years.

Parquet durability

To a large extent, the durability of a solid wood parquet depends on the wood used, with a large percentage of wood that, although not soft, is not the hardest (cost is the factor that conditions this situation). Even in some hardwoods, it is not difficult to leave marks of bumps, scratches, etc. In this area, it is possible that, as a general rule, the resistance is greater in laminate floors, although, of course, with some exceptions.

Regarding the years of duration, the advantage of solid wood is great. If the service is adequate, the duration will be several times longer (at a cost also several times longer). In addition, if at any time any of the parts deteriorates, it is possible that it will be solved with sandpaper, which is not possible with laminated floors.

Cleaning and maintenance

Cleaning and maintenance of laminate floors

Cleaning laminate flooring is really easy, much more than any other alternative. Sweeping or vacuuming will be sufficient on most occasions and occasionally with a well-wrung mop. This will be enough to look like the first day.

Cleaning and maintenance of solid wood parquet

The varnish layer that is applied to the wood for protection is not only more susceptible to the elements than the outer layer of the laminate floor, it is also much less resistant and will need to be restored over time. It can be said that the appearance of a good solid wood floor is unbeatable, and it may even be, but it must be maintained.

In short

In the past, a solid wood parquet was an indisputable option, but the quality of laminate floors has improved so much that it allows us to have a product with a natural appearance and with more than considerable durability, hence the decision between choosing laminate floors or parquet not it is as simple as it may seem.