Parties, birthdays or any other kind, usually always have a cheerful and original decoration and in which the balloons can never fail, so now we at DIY10 are talking to you about how to get a beautiful decoration from this element.

The decoration of the balloons is something very beautiful both at children’s parties and Holidays for friends even if they are adults as they can be found in different sizes, colors and shapes, besides having several decorative options for it.

How to decorate with balloons at a party:

Previous steps before decorating with balloons

  • Before we start to decorate or buy the balloons, we will need to know where the party will take place and in this way we will know how many balloons you need and whether we can choose to place them one way or another depending on that she will stand inside. or outside the House.
  • Besides choosing the style and color of the balloons, we will also take into account whether it is a children’s party or not, or whether it is a birthday party or a celebration of a communion or for example a party for certain friends.

How to place the decorative balloons:

  • For the interior, you can choose to hang the balloons from the ceiling, and for this, you can do it with a garland that you will make from a ribbon on which you can tie or glue each balloon, and that you will place also from one end of the room to the other.
  • For the exterior, there are a lot of people who opt for balloon arches and they decorate a lot. To make a balloon arch, you can get it if you already have the structure of an arch to attach the balloons to.
  • Alternatively, you can get a balloon arch from the union of several four by four balloons, joined together at the bottom and we also create a strip that forms the arch by hanging each unit of balloons from a rope or wire.
  • On the other hand, you can also hang the balloons by a thread and tie them to a chair or tables that we have at the party, which will serve as a decorative element both for the exterior and the interior.
  • If you are a little smarter, you can opt for shaped balloons. That is, from a balloon you can modify it so that they can have shapes flowers, or elements that are pleasant and that can be hung from the ceiling, walls or even added to the aforementioned balloon arches.
  • In addition to these arches and ideas, a decoration that the little ones love are the balloon clouds and that you can make with a rope to which you tie several balloons on top of each other and at the end, at the tip, you can hang one which is something bigger and cover it with sheer fabric which will make it very stylish and beautiful.

I leave you videos on how to decorate with balloons at a party:

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