Cushions are good allies when it comes to interior decoration. Nail monochrome room You can gain a lot of style and personality with the combination of colors in a few small details. The same thing happens with the terraces. Patio furniture cushions will give your home the color you are looking for.

Outdoor cushions

Cushions are a decorative accessory that no means can be missing in our house. With them we will achieve comfort, because they are ultra comfortable and very useful. The house is synonymous with comfort; this is where we rest after our work routine and where we switch off.

There is nothing better to relax than pay attention to the small details, and these details can take the form of a pillow. An element of great simplicity but of enormous versatility, since we can find them in an infinity of different colors, fabrics, sizes, styles and patterns.

Whatever the style of our house, minimalist, classic or modern, for example, or whatever colors predominate, we can find cushions that perfectly meet our needs.

If you have a patio or deck in your home, there is nothing more stylish than decorate our wicker armchairs and our hammocks with beautiful outdoor cushions. We can even combine different styles to achieve a much more interesting result. Likewise, when we want a change, we will only have to change one cover for another. As easy as that!

A very important thing to consider when choosing cushions, beyond colors and patterns, is how much of them we will be using. We need to maintain a balance between all of them and combine different types which we will see below.

The cushions that we choose will be fundamental to define the personality of our space. Don’t worry if you are going to place them outside and they are not covered by a roof; There are special cushions for terraces that are resistant to sun and rain and can be washed very easily.

Outdoor cushions – Types

There is a wide variety of cushions that we can choose from to decorate our patio. The most common outdoor cushions are:

Pallet cushions

Palettes have become fashionable. In times of crisis, cuts must also be made at home, and many families have chosen to reuse resources and give pallets a second chance. Easy to handle and very resistant, they are the perfect option to fill terraces with charm.

Besides being the cheaper alternative, they give a lot of charm to any room in which we place them. They serve us both as sofas inside the house and armchairs outside, tables for the living room or even beautiful buffets.


The cushions we will use for the pallets will be seat and backrest. The standard measurement is usually 120 * 80cm. We can find different fabrics and colors, as well as backs of different thicknesses.

For outdoor, we can use acrylic fabrics, which are the same as those usually used in garden furniture, because they resist mold and sunlight, without rotting. They are not waterproof but dry very quickly. Another possibility is nautical exterior fabrics which resemble those used on boats. They are waterproof.

Sunbathing cushions

For the lounge chair cushions we will need take into account the shape of the seat cushion that we will choose, since it can be one whole piece or two parts to allow it to bend. We will also have to choose the dimensions that correspond to the deckchair, the length, width and thickness of the foam that will fill the cushion cover. Finally, we will choose the type of foam we want; the higher the hardness of the foam, the greater its durability. You can find soft, semi-hard and very hard foams. The outer fabric can be acrylic, which means it is not waterproof, or vinyl imitating leather or fabric, which is 100% waterproof.

Patio chair cushions

The cushions for the chairs of the terrace are also available in different sizes, colors Yes textures. Depending on where we buy the cushions, we will find a variety of different shapes and designs. Variants come in the form of the cushion itself, in the zipper position and in the attachment to the chair.


Again we can choose between waterproof or non-waterproof fabrics, depending on whether the chairs are placed under a roof or whether they are outside. Also the thickness, the hardness of the interior foam and its measurements.

Cushions for patio chairs

The patio cushions for armchairs and sofas can also vary a lot, because we can not only find armchairs with backrest, but it is also very good to place a base that mimics the shape of a double bed and decorate it with many cushions.

In addition to the variety of shapes and types of foam mentioned above, We can choose waterproof rugs for the chairs and as we mentioned distribute cushions of different sizes and shapes on the top to give it more style and make it more comfortable.


Patio Furniture Cushions

Patio furniture cushions will have a size and style depending on the type of furniture we have in our house. As we saw in the previous section, when we looked at the types of cushions that exist for the outdoors, we found a variety of cushions suitable for each piece of furniture, depending on the dimensions and finish we are looking for in fabrics and foam.

If you think decorate your patio or terrace, dare with some cushions different sizes and colors and you will see how it greatly improves the appearance of your home. You won’t want to leave the terrace anymore!

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