Pavegen, tiles that generate clean energy at every step

The company Pavegen has been developing since 2009 a tile model that generates clean energy each time we go up there. A revolutionary concept whose massive use could boost the local production of electricity from renewable sources.

Pavegen tiles are made from recycled materials and are 80% recyclable, waterproof. They can withstand 5 years of intensive use. The top layer is made from recycled tires.


5% of the energy produced is consumed by the tile itself, the remaining 95% can be used on site or stored for later use. They are currently developing a system to connect it directly to the power grid.

Each step generates an average of 7 watts of electricity, this mainly depends on the weight of each person. Each step pushes the rubber down 5 millimeters, a difference imperceptible to pedestrians.

They are designed for public spaces with a large influx of people, in this way they can achieve better performance. They measure 45 x 60 centimeters.

This English company was founded by Kemball-Cook, an industrial design student.


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