Either for store pencils, markers, brushes, pens…. We still need something to get them back. This is why the holster was created. One way to collect it all is to get a pencil case. That way you will always have them located. If you can be creative with it as well, so much the better. And by that, we want to give them our original touch.


For sure. In DIY10, we like it Arts and crafts and we always take every opportunity to be able to put the batteries in and start creating crafts with whatever we have around. Not only with the materials we buy, but with materials we have recycled. The same happens with the pencil case for your pencils.

Pencil case for your pencils

We do not always have to face that the case that we will have for put away the pencils it will be plastic or fabric. We’re not saying these are bad materials, but it is true that you can be very creative with pencil cases. Whether fabric, plastic or cardboard, a case is the target of modifications whenever you want. We’ll be able to mold to our liking if that’s what we want.


Now we have the possibility of creating our own holsters. It means we can be as creative as we want. We will not miss the opportunity, let alone for children’s pencils. We will make them feel proud to take out pencils in class. Or pens or brushes. With a handmade case, you can show yourself in any way.

Pencil case for your pencils – Fabric with transparent pockets


We will appreciate a pencil case shape that looks like a toiletry bag. We can roll it up and unroll it quickly and easily. With a striking piece of fabric, we will sew on the back two or three pockets with a transparent plastic window. We sew everything together and close it with zippers. To close it we can use buttons or a belcro.

Pencil case for your pencils – Felt


This type of fabric, since its appearance for decoration, is the most popular and has helped us to do all kinds of handicrafts. Therefore, making a case with this material, which is strong and practical, is not a bad idea. It is easy to cut, it is easy to sew, and it is also very moldable.

Pencil case for your pencils – With eva rubber


With eva rubber we get a bit firmer material, but luckily it molds easily if you apply a little heat. We can make the eva rubber to fit the size of the pencils and by cutting and joining the parts with hot silicone, we easily get a pencil case.

Pencil case for your pencils – Crochet


Crochet is even in clothes, bags, bikinis … Crochet is a sewing technique which, by joining stitches, creates something for you. It’s very similar to knitting and you can’t miss the opportunity to crochet one, because it’s very easy to do and it’s also quick.

Pencil case for your pencils – With bottles

pencil holder-for-your-bottle-pencils

A fun way to recycle. Just close the cap very well and seal it with hot silicone if necessary. The bottle is cut in half, the edges are filed then, using the hot silicone, a zipper is put on it which will then take care of releasing or locking the pencils.

Pencil case for your pencils – Recycled paper


When you talk about recycled paper, many think of a pencil case made from pieces of newspaper or cardboard and voila. But it turns out that we created very firm and solid squares with strips of newspaper. They are glued so that they do not come off and receive a varnish bath so that they become waterproof. Next, we join the squares to create the pencil case.

Pencil case for your pencils – Original with zippers


A really fun way to reuse old zippers. To build a very original pencil case. It will be filled with zippers, but only as a base for the case. It will only have the top opening, because the others will be closed with a piece of fabric. You can make the pencil case, but you can also make something fun and entertaining.

Pencil case for your pencils – Recycled fabrics

pencil cases-fabrics

We always have a blouse, sweater, or pants that we don’t use. We can start to reuse them by making different pencil cases. We will choose the brightest colors and the most striking patterns so that the pencil cases are the most original. Don’t miss the opportunity to create something new, with something old.

Pencil case for your pencils – Patchwork


We love this technique and it has conquered many homes, because it can be transferred to any clothing, any decoration in the house. It’s about creating different shapes with offcuts. A patchwork pencil case is the most fun. Not only did you manage to enjoy different clothes, but you placed them in a harmonious way, so that they were original.

Pencil case for your pencils – Sheet metal

pencil holder-for-your-badges-pencils

For those who don’t believe that veneers can create wonderful things. Joining them strategically, with the help of fishing line, to make it look more transparent, one can join many plates, give them color and get the most fun case. Just by sticking hot silicone on a zipper, we have our own badge pocket.


We hope these ideas will create a pencil case or for anyone’s pencils, you liked it. Not only is it a case that will bring all your gear together, but you can also demonstrate the touch of creativity what’s in the house.

If you want to see what other pencil cases can be made, be sure to check out our Photo gallery. You will find many ideas here, apart from the ones mentioned above and you can challenge yourself to create a more worked one.

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