Do you want to keep your pencils tidy? Well there’s nothing better to learn how to decorate a pencil holder as part of an easy craft that you can show off on your desk or children’s desk. On the other hand, it is about recycling materials to create your pencil holder with different objects that, in general, you throw away without knowing that you can reuse them.

How to decorate a pencil holder

In fact, today the recycling of materials is very important. Therefore, before you throw something in your house, ask yourself if it is possible to use it again, turning it into something practical for your home, like a pencil holder like the one I am going to give you. to show. You just need to look for a few more materials to have it ready and fast.

It’s even a good way to teach your kids too easy craftWell, crafts are something kids love. Take advantage of all the indications that I give you to work them with your children! In turn, you can think about the decoration boxes for sale as pencil holders and it will be a great idea for you to earn some extra money. Therefore, you can also invite your friends to do this craft with you and increase the production. You can become a small business owner! For this, I will give you several ideas so that you can start decorating your pencil holder right away.

Decorated pencil holder – materials

But since for this you will need material for your decorated pencil holder, start to separate them. For example, you need a plastic bottle of any soda, the size you prefer, for your pencil holder.

how-to-decorate-a-material-pencil holder

With scissors or a cutter, cut about 15 cm. from the base of the bottle. Paint with acrylic paint in the color you like your future pencil holder. If you paint it white, you can decorate it with the face of a cat. You just have to glue two circles of white paper to make the eyes and then draw a point in the center of the circle to form the pupil of the cat’s eyes. Draw the cat’s heart-shaped nose in the center and under the eyes. On the sides of the nose, extend the whiskers with black stripes that you can do with a marker.

how to decorate a pencil holder step by step

Finally, draw the cat’s face with the same marker and you will have your pencil holder with you decorated with the materials I indicated. With a plastic bottle, you can also decorate another type of pencil holder. On this occasion, besides needing the plastic bottle as one of the materials, you will also need a punch, needle Yes wool or thread. You will cut the bottle the same way I indicated for the previous craft and paint it with white acrylic paint. At 1 cm. from the edge you will make several holes with the awl along the extension of the edge of the bottle. Thread the thread or thread with the color you chose and pass it through one of the holes you made from the inside to the outside. Lay out the thread so that it does not crease and pass it through the next hole. And keep doing this until you are done going through all the holes you made. You will notice that a new edge of the pencil holder has been formed with the wire you were using.

This way you can create different designs by passing the yarn or wool around the bottle which you will turn into your pencil holder. Instead of recycling a plastic bottle, you can use empty cans to easily decorate them. As materials, you will only need the box of the desired size, glue stick, paper and die-cut magazine figures. Glue the paper around the box to line it neatly so that the paper does not wrinkle or form bubbles. On the glued paper, use a stick to draw the numbers you cut out by pasting them, and your new pencil holder is ready.

Decorated pencil holder – step by step

Would you like me to show you step by step to make a pencil holder decorated with the image of Angry Bird? Well, here I show you: As materials you need an unlabeled box, an eva rubber, a marker, a hot glue gun and the picture of Angry Bird . Take the picture of Angry Bird and cut out each of the pieces that make it up. Place these pieces on the eva rubber, trace the outlines of the pieces to cut them out with scissors then cut out the shapes from the eva rubber and you will have all the Angry Bird rubber eva pieces. Cut a rectangle of eva rubber to line the box. For this, it extends the eva rubber and support the box to calculate the measurement of the rectangle. Then glue the eva rubber rectangle on the box, helping yourself with hot glue. Fold the two pieces of the spout into a U-shape and glue the smaller piece inside the larger one with hot glue. Glue the Angry Bird pieces to the box with hot glue. On the white circles of the eyes, make two circles with the black marker. Turn the box over and glue the glue and feathers from behind with hot glue. At the end, you will have your recycled can ready and made into an Angry Bird shaped pencil holder. Keep in mind that the use of hot glue is based on the fact that you can finish faster, as you can also use a glue stick or cold vinyl glue, especially if your kids want to help you, you should use cold vinyl glue or glue stick to avoid accidents at home.

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