Have you spent good money on your drill and want it to last for many years as if it were new? Well, follow our drill maintenance tips.

drilling maintenance

drilling maintenance

The electric drill is that power tool that is not missing in any home, nor in professional tools in the construction, carpentry or masonry sector.

Cleaning the electric drill

Remove splinters and debris after using the tool: use a brush and a cleaning cloth.

If you did a job that generated a lot of dust, clean the drill with the help of an air compressor. Pay special attention when rubbing and moving parts.

Lubricate the bit if it is an old bit

If your drill has iron parts that can rust, you must protect them. To do this, wipe with a little oil or grease and wipe the iron parts.

It is advisable to add a little liquid grease to the chuck, especially on older models.

After lubrication, the excess must be removed.

Check its proper functioning, especially when the tool is old

If your drill is not battery powered, you should check that the cable is in good condition, for example, that it has no cuts that could cause electric shock. In that case, it is better to replace it with a new one.

From time to time, you should check the clearance in the bearings. In this case, the bearings must be replaced before they can cause damage to the gears.

Correct use of the electric drill

Use very sharp bits, otherwise, when the machine is running it can get hot and the tool will suffer a lot of wear.

Hold the tool carefully, preventing it from slipping or falling. In addition, to maintain a drill correctly, you must use special drills for each material you want to drill or screw.

Store the drill in a toolbox or folder

When we do not need to use the drill for a long period of time, we must remove the drill bit from the chuck and store the power tool in a folder or tool box, thus protecting it from moisture and dust.