Anything to do with the celebrations says a lot about the organizing host, so you need to pay attention to the details and deliver a original invitationThis is a plus that leaves guests surprised. Here we show you the best personalized invitations with CD and DVD Yes how to make the invitations step by step. You can find ideas for wedding invitations, invitations to communions, invitations for baptisms and birthday invitations.

Personalized invitations with CD and DVD – For weddings

Wedding invitations are generally equated with the simple announcement of said celebration, but it is good to be different, for this you can choose a type of invitation that is more complex, original, charismatic, with a special color, etc. The difference would be that it is something more than a card that ends up being left in a drawer. For this reason, we must take care of this detail which, although it needs less budget, is no less important.

Here you can learn a fun and different way to create an invitation. These are personalized invitations with CD and DVD for weddings, it is a different and surprising way of presentation. Preparing for a wedding is always a special and at the same time fun time. This is the couple that appears and that means you have to tell your friends and family that you are going to join, get married, that you want to share this moment with others.


CD and DVD wedding invitations are original, elegant, different, fun. This helps give the guests something they will remember for its originality, it must be an element that tell the story of the couple, things that a traditional invitation doesn’t offer.

Therefore, it will be fun to choose this option, although no less risky because you have to start a different process, do not follow the tradition of typical invitations, an envelope will not be necessary here where will the content of the invitation be, but at the same time there is a special and unexpected illusion.

Remember that it is always the couple who address each other directly, this should be natural, so that your friends and also family members hear the wonderful story that you have to tell him about your union.

Originality is what should set the tone, it will be one more moment in your marriage, the preparations will start differently from the others, with an invitation on CD and DVD.

Personalized invitations with CD and DVD – For communions

There are a few formulas that can be done when creating original invitations for your son or daughter’s Communion, these are ideas that escape the traditional way and hence, they are a great way to leave your mark and creativity.

In the first place you need to create a single CD, It can be a Custom DVD. This will be the invitation to communion and for that you will be able to use photographs and accompany them with music; It may be your child’s favorite song. Another idea is use slides that show your child’s best moments or girl. It’s a modern way to invite people who will come to the party, it can be like the stories in the movies. Don’t be afraid to experiment.


If you are one of those people who enjoys anything to do with the network, it may be a good idea to create a web page that will serve as your invitation platform. To do this, you can use sites on the Internet that provide free hosting and use templates for their design. When you have done that, put the information and pictures there and any media file you find interesting. Since almost everyone uses the internet, it will be easy to access your website and allow users to customers make their reservations online.

Use bright colors and try to stay away from traditional communion invitations. The use of images instead of text it is recommended for the design. You can use ribbons to make it stand out more, make it attractive or eye-catching.

These invitations can be used however you want. There are no rules, play with the possibilities, you can make square or rectangular shaped invitations.

Personalized invitations with CD and DVD – For baptisms

Baptizing your child is the most important time in their life. For parents it means something special, but it is not always easy to organize a reception, you do not always have the budget to create a memorable event that will remain in the memory of the guests. Companies dedicated to the organization of baptismal celebrations manage too high prices and in many cases the desired result is not obtained. Therefore, you can take care to organize as much as possible, for example invitations, details of your son or daughter’s baptism. It is possible to create invitations according to your tastes and to personalize them with images and texts selected especially for your baby.


You can use strong and serious phrases, but be careful when choosing them as excessive seriousness may take that particular charm away from the invitation. Above all, try to be original and therefore we recommend that you address the guests as if you are your own child, as if you are speaking on their behalf. Do not forget to include the necessary data, address, time, date and also the contact phone number of the guests to confirm their presence.

Personalized invitations with CD and DVD – Birthday

Using invitations on compact discs (CDs or DVDs) is a different way of inviting family and friends to attend birthdays, engagement parties and various events. These invitations created on CD are an original and very visual way to invite people and at the same time to share memories combined with music, pictures, videos. It will be remembered and although it is not a budget formula, it is worth running it and penetrating your guests.

Create the CD label layout on your computer. Remember you need to include the iNecessary information regarding the type of event you are organizing, i.e. date, place, time, etc. You can include an interesting image in said tag if you wish.

You can record music tracks related to the event you are creating. Remember that you must comply with the laws concerning copyright. Once you have these things in mind, burn everything to a CD or DVD, then make the copies you need.

In this multimedia element, you must include an accessible text file containing the instructions and information needed to use the CD or DVD that you created. Or if you want, you can save the instructions to an mp3 file.

Then he prints the DVD labels and places each CD or DVD in a specially designed box. When it’s all done, send out your invitations.

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