Pens are like our daily bread, who doesn’t use them? Even though it is said that the digital world is changing rapidly, the truth is that for now all of these writing tools are essential. And they will continue to be so for many years, decades and centuries, surely yes. Although this tool hasn’t changed much in a while, we can adapt it to ourselves and our personality, personalize it with crafts we can do in our own home. That’s what we want to show you in this article: how to make custom pens to show off to your colleagues and do more creative work at home. And who knows, we might end up supplying exclusively decorated pens for family and friends.


The truth is, it’s something very simple to do, but it may never have occurred to you that it was possible to do it. In the following image, you can see the result which you can easily achieve. He’s funny, has a chic touch and its own personality, what are the factors to take into account when you want to differentiate yourself from others, don’t you think? So go ahead with this idea that we bring to you below so that you can learn how to make personalized pens for your character with your own hands. It won’t take a long time but it can be a lot of fun for sure.

How to make personalized pens

What do we need to make our personalized pens? Very simple, really. Attention: to make your personalized pens, we will of course need called “ crystal ” pens. It’s the transparencies that allow us to see what’s inside. We will find them from many brands, really. When buying it, what I advise you is to take into account the ease of opening them, because it will depend on whether we manage to make these crafts with the pens we are talking about.

how to make custom pens

Another essential thing is to be able to have papers of different colors. We can go for simple cards or more fun. If we go for gift wrapping, this is a good option, as they usually have very nice designs. If Christmas is coming, then we we personalize Christmas pens and we were the sea of ​​good. What is carnival? Well, we are making personalized pens with designs for these holidays. Has this summer arrived? Well, we will decorate them with bright colors and designs that remind us of the holidays, like ice cream, umbrellas …

Best of all, we are free to choose what we want, so go to the stationery and bring the rolls of paper you like the most and the pens we told you, which are also transparent. In principle, the color should not matter to us, unless we want the cap to match the tones of the paper: we can also take into account and choose the papers depending on the pen is blue, black, red or green.

The other things we will need is to have a pair of scissors on hand and a ruler, for what? The first, obviously, to cut out the paper that we are going to use to decorate. The second, for measure the length of the pens that we will customize. With all of this already prepared in front of us, we take action and, attentive, these are just a few very simple steps. Although this is a simple process, we don’t have to skip any of the steps that we explain, in order for these cool pens to be perfect. You can take the opportunity to make some of your friends and give them a surprise gift that for sure they will love it and thank you for being unique.

Personalized pens with paper

Now let’s get down to business with how decorate the pens with paper. Step by step, this is how we have to act with the personalized pens that we comment on in this special article of the perfect crafts to make at home.


  • You must first take the pens. Open them carefully so that they do not break. Normally, at the end of the end, “in the ass”, they usually have the hood opening and closing. Carefully remove what would be the ink bottle.
  • Already once you have the ink pot outside, take the tape measure or tape measure you have on hand and you should measure the length, no more, no less.
  • With the measurement ready, you must take the wrapping paper the paper you chose and cut the length you wrote down before and a width of no more than 2 centimeters. This width is recommended so that it is not very complicated to reinsert ink tube already wrapped in paper.
  • Key step, coupons! Whenever we talk about making crafts at home, we caution you that it is essential to take care of the maximum cutting process, so go with the scissors little by little and calmly.
  • Now with the paper cut out, it’s time to roll it around the ink cartridge of these pens that we will customize. Gradually. When they are already screwed in, now is the time to reinsert it very carefully into the pen, okay?

We are almost ready. Now we proceed to close the pen at the top. If for some reason you made a bad calculation and it turns out that you have some paper left, it is better to cut out what does not fit in the pen, otherwise it will create a good mess. inside and the result will be greatly diminished.


As you can see, we already have finished our job. How long do you think it takes to make these personalized pens? Just a few minutes to run. The preparations may take longer, but it really only takes a few seconds and you are good to go.

Over time, more and more value is given to this type of decoration, useful for drawing and writing, because they are different, unique and reflect our personality and character. Another idea that I have tried on occasion and encourage you to do is pencils. It is essentially about line pencils with colored paper. The process is, in part, similar to the previous one:

We need pieces of wrapping paper cut to the size of the pencil. Then, and with the help of glue, it is completely impregnated on the outside. It’s time to glue the paper we cut out beforehand. At this point, it is necessary to have more skill, even, than when making custom pens. And we have to prevent the formation of bubbles and damage, because that would be disappointing. Do it very firmly and you will see how confident you are decorate pens and decorate the pencils in minutes.

You can even apply this idea to the notebooks you use. The ones that have a hard cover, which is cardboard or cardboard, because you cut out some wrapping paper and glue it so that it all sticks together nicely. Run your hand vigorously so that there is no damage and you will see how good notebooks decorated with papers are. If the carton or material you choose is the same as the pens you will see how much the whole looks at you and how original. Surely more than one person even asks you where you bought it and you can proudly tell them that you did it with your own hands.


If you like these things, we encourage you toFinish the notebook, personalized pens and … pencil case to store your pencils! In an article we explain how you can make them with your own hands. It’s very simple, eh? don’t be afraid of this topic at all.

Personalized pens with confetti

How about decorating the pens with confetti? We love the idea! This way we will make our pencils look festive, which will grab everyone’s attention and make a difference.

The confetti we are going to use can be purchased but, if we prefer, we can take different colored paper and create the confetti using a hole punch we have at home.

personalized colored-pens

The first thing to do is to prepare the confetti. If we want to do it ourselves, we can punch paper in different colors, which our pencil a more festive look. With the brush spread well over the tail, we will fish out each piece of confetti and carefully glue it with a pencil.

Once we are done, we have to be patient and not use it for a few hours, patiently waiting for the confetti to stick. It is important to wait because otherwise, when using it, the confetti will fall out.

Personalized pens with paint

If we don’t consider ourselves skilled enough to make these decorations… Don’t panic. For those of us who are more awkward or lazy, but don’t want to give up wearing our pens in style, there is a much easier way: the pens decorated with paint.


We can have water-based paint to decorate our pencils to our liking, but we can also decorate them with our nail polish. Can you imagine using a pen to match the color of the nails you wear? There can be nothing more elegant.

Photos of personalized pens