phaeton domestic solar cooker

The Phaeton, developped by Fraser Symington and Lorin Symington is a powerful and innovative solar cooker. It consists of a series of mirrors placed on a steel frame, which focus a secondary reflector which reflects the light upwards at a working height of 75 cm. Phaeton only needs 5 minutes to boil 1 liter. An 8 liter pot of water boils in 35 minutes with 1000W / m2 of solar radiation.

Phaeton solar cooker

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Solar phaeton

The Phaeton is built with materials available in any city in the world, mirror glass, common steel profiles, nuts and bolts, and fiberglass are the main components. The tools needed to build a Phaeton can be found in any hardware store in Mali, one of the poorest countries on the planet.

phaeton mali

One of its downsides is that the Phaeton has to be reoriented about every 7 minutes.

An example of its great possibilities is to use it as a household dehydrator, with a fan that helps to force the entry of hot air, in this way you can dehydrate 12 kilos of fresh pineapple to transform it into 2 kilos of dried pineapple, in just 12 hours.


The advantages of this type of cooking are indisputable, try them!