Do you like photo frames? Do you want to know how make frames with buttons? Today I will show you how to make them very easily and with cheap materials. Surely you have many pimples in your house that you registered, but after a while you don’t know what to do with them. Well, now is the time to go find them and give them a good use. You can use your old buttons to make a lovely photo frame as a Mother’s Day gift. He will love to receive a photo of you with a nice photo frame made by you. You can also create your prototype with buttons to frame this photograph that you keep in the album, which has always deserved to occupy a privileged place in the interior decoration.

Photo frame with buttons

Even for the most enterprising, those who seek get extra money, who knows! Maybe crafting is your thing and you can incorporate some ingenious frames with buttons into your design catalog. We are going to give you several ideas so that you can choose the one you like the most.

Photo frame with buttons

Start by collecting the materials you will need: look for buttons of different sizes, scissors, universal glue, a little cotton wool, vinyl glue, a paintbrush, 12 inches of white lenci fabric and a wooden photo frame of the size needed to place the photo you have chosen to frame. Once you have all the supplies with you, first remove the inside of the photo frame so you can work. Take the cotton wool and stick it inside the hole that was left after removing the inner part.

Lay out the lenci fabric on the worktable and support the photo frame to mark the outline with pencil, but with an internal margin of 1.5 cm and an external margin of 2 cm. Cuts the inner margins of the Lenci fabric and glue one of them to the back of the photo frame and the other to the front of the photo frame with universal glue. The two edges of the lenci fabric should match so that you can sew it with thread on the outside edge and then on the inside edge. Start threading the thread through the buttonholes, secure them with universal glue and cut off any excess lenci fabric.

How to make a button portrait holder

The first thing to consider when creating your portrait holder with buttons is to get a wooden frame without moldings so that the buttons can be glued easily.

Portraits - How-to-Portraits-with-Buttons

So buy the wooden frame in the size you need place the photo of your choice. Then you will need paint to paint the frame with a nice background color or you can also think about covering the frame with fabric. Then you will have buttons of different colors and sizes with you. Think of a nice design for placing the buttons. Start gluing each button with contact glue, respecting the original design you thought of. The contact glue is transparent so your job will be done cleanly, because if you see a little extra glue on the edges, you will clean it off immediately and you will not notice any glue residue.

Materials to make a photo holder with buttons

You already have several ideas on materials for making a portrait holder with buttons, among them you know that the main thing is that you have chosen the frame with the necessary size to place the photo.

Then the buttons are essential, which you will choose according to the design you like the most, since you can do it with a single color and buttons of the same size or on the contrary if you want to make a multicolor design, with buttons of different colors, the same or different size.

Glue is also essential as you will be using it to glue buttons on whatever design you choose. You may also need some resin to create your photo frame idea. Separate the buttons you like the most. Choose the base paint color for the frame depending on the color of the buttons chosen. Let the paint dry and once you feel it is fine, dry and glue the buttons with clear contact glue. Be careful not to overdo it as the contact glue can strip the buttons. Apply a layer of resin mixed with a hardener with a ratio of 5 and 5 and a half teaspoons respectively. Let it dry, but check it every hour to make sure all the work has been done evenly and that you don’t see any bubbles in the buttonholes. The resin will have dried after 5 to 6 hours and you will have already achieved the best design for your photo frame with buttons.


As you can see, today you have learned some ingenious and creative ideas to recycle some of the old buttons that you keep in your sewing box and create with them a magnificent portrait rack in the way you like the most. You have seen that in a very simple way and in no time your photo frame can be finished and ready to be wrapped as a gift. Remember, if you have a little more time, you can cheer yourself up and come up with another design that is a little more elaborate, like the last idea which included the application of resin as one of the necessary materials. You can make a spectacular photo frame in about 5 hours. This is a great idea, and is that in addition to being innovative, it will allow you to learn how to work with resin, with which later you can encourage yourself to do other types of crafts with this material. which is not very difficult to handle.

By realizing these great ideas, you will not only have contributed to the environment, recycle and reuse buttons which you have surely stored for a long time without giving them any use. You will also have succeeded in giving a touch of personalized design to your interior with these charming photo frames.

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