A beautiful photo frame can be more than just decorative piece in your home. It can also be an original gift to let your loved ones know that they are special to you. If you are one of those people who would rather create things rather than buy them ready-made, read on as we are going to introduce you to several very curious ways to create beautiful photo frames with recycled materials.

There are endless materials we can use to create picture frames, from finished felt diaries to inner toilet paper cartons, mason jars and even forks.

Here are some ideas that can serve as a guide. You can put them into practice at home when you want to be entertained, by involving the little ones in the house having a fun time together, or if you are teaching in a school, you can apply these ideas there.


Photo frame with recycled materials | Fabric and cardboard

One of the easiest ways to make funny photo frames is using fabric and cardboard. In other articles we have commented on the wide variety of uses for cardboard; a very light material but at the same time very resistant.

Cardboard is also a very easy material to obtain, as we are continually seeing our around empty boxes, stores, offices and even our own home when we have bought something big or online.

  • To create the recycled photo frames, we will need:
  • Heavy cardboard or paper mache
  • Spray paints
  • Tweezers to hold documents
  • Black fabric ribbon or other color
  • Photos to place
  • Instant glue or hot silicone


Once we all have our materials ready, we are ready to go:

The first step is to take cardboard we have chosen. Cardboard is the most recommended because it is quite hard. With that, we are going to make some marks with the measurements of the different pieces that we are going to need, and later we will cut them out using the cutter. We will mark three pieces of 18cm x 21cm which will be the bottom of the room, and for the frames, three more 13.5 cm wide by 17.5 cm wide. The frame will be 3 cm wide. We have three pieces because we are going to get three frames.

To start putting the pieces together, we’ll use the instant glue or liquid silicone, and we will glue the frame on the larger piece, and we will do the same with the other three pieces, which each make up the frames. Once we have glued them we can start painting them with the spray paint. We will first give it a white layer, this way the colors will be brighter. We will let it dry until it is completely dry. Then we will paint in neon tones or whatever color we have chosen. Again, we let it dry.

We take our photo frames and the clips to hold the photos, and by putting a little glue behind the clips, we will stick them on the edge of the upper frame, well centered. We take the fabric tape that we have chosen, which should be about 3 meters long and we fold it in half. Thus, each frame will have two pieces of tape glued to the back for better support and stability. We will place a little hot silicone on each piece where we are going to place a frame. The tape will straighten out and the frames will be on top of each other.

For the excess tape at the bottom, we can cut the center piece in the shape of a beak, to make it more curious. Now we can place photos, phrases, or whatever keepsakes we are happy to have in view on the clips. If we want we can decorate the photo frame with buttons or also using fabrics. The fabric allows us to create different shapes such as arches or even gives us the option to completely cover the frame, so it will have a nice impression.

If you want to know how to make frames with buttons, we recommend that you read this article:

We can now hang our frame on any wall in the house!

Photo frame with recycled materials | Egg cartons

Another very interesting and fun way to make photo frames is reuse boxes left empty.

Although it is always better to go to the market with our own reused egg cartons and thus buy our organic free-range eggs, sometimes it’s time to change them. Now, instead of throwing them away, we can make our frames.

The basis of this image can be the same as explained in the previous section, i.e. we can use any carton Or, in case we are not going to support them like frames with glass, we can even make them with cardboard.


Do not worry if you think it will be very flat because precisely to prevent us from using the egg cartons. With them we will transform each square where we place the eggs into beautiful flowers.

We will cut out each of the squares with scissors or by hand and we will keep the lowest part that it has bowl shape. With the scissors we will give a rounded shape to the edge, going up and down with the scissors. We’re going to crush to cut off the bottom tip, and we’re going to cut that excess circular tape to cut open as well.

We will roll each of them and glue them on top of each other to keep rolling them, because those will be the flowers. We cut the base again so that it is flattened and we will glue them to the photo frame. You can put as much as you want and paint them to give it color.

Photo frame with recycled materials | Woods

To make a recycled photo frame with wood, we can go through the steps again from the beginning. We just have to search small pieces of scrap wood or veneer. They can also serve us the wooden sticks that accompany the ice cream.

All we have to do is put them together to create the frectangular frame shape with space in the middle, this is where we will place the photo.

And it’s also easy to create your own photo frames with recycled materials!

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