Crafts are so versatile and practical that they can be applied even to decorate large spaces, for example leaving a work of art made by you in the central part of a room. Discover the magic that the button boxes.


But the job I’m talking about is not just any job, but a job done with buttons and hand-made appliqu├ęs, with needle and thread, and then they’ll frame it, as if it s was an expensive oil painting.

Button box

If you want to spend your free time doing crafts or doing something creative like we said buttons are a great option. Not only do you make it fun, but you can create hundreds of different designs from scratch, starting from scratch.

button box

You can give them as a gift, you can use them to decorate your home and even as a decoration item in your business. With the button boxes you get a very interesting texture which is why you will always love them.

Organize activities with your friends, with friends, with family or with children. Make contests and different ways to create button images. They will love the idea and have a great time creating art.

Button Table – Initials

Making the initials is very easy. First of all, we need the buttons that we are going to use. We choose the colors and shapes. Especially the size. We can do it with the same size or with variations. The same is true for color.

initial button box

We draw the letter on felt, then we will begin to glue the buttons, having cut it out. This way they have a rough surface that fits them well. To stick them, we will use hot silicone, it is more reliable.

When we have the initial, just transfer it to a board and appreciate the work we have done with the colored buttons.

Button box – Animals

To create the animals and not get lost in the attempt, better, we make a replica, but in felt. It doesn’t need to have a lot of details, because then it will be done with the buttons. But with the big line replica, we can get a pattern to follow, when we place the buttons.


With this type of trick, we’ll make sure the animal is the right size, texture, and volume. We can only put the details.

Button box – Trees

Trees are very useful and are super decorative, especially when made with buttons. With four frames, we will draw the tree with paint and a scene divided into four, to represent the seasons. You can also do this with buttons, if you want, but remember that you will need to change the color of the wood as it passes through the four squares.


The buttons will take care of making the shapes of the seasons: new, dry leaves, flowers, fruits … in addition, they will give them the color they need, depending on the season.

Button box – Cupcakes

With Cupcakes, you get a very delicious texture. It makes you want to take a bite to eat when you see a photo. Imagine one that can be touched and that we feel between our fingers.

button cupcake box

We will apply the felt technique to give it the color and get a guide. Then, with the buttons in place, it will give it a lot of shine, texture and a lot of body. It will be perfect to decorate a pastry. So, dare to make a delicious cupcake in a button box.

Button Box – Words


We don’t need a lot of words to say how we feel. We just need the right ones. In this case, it is a short word such as “Love”, but you can do the same with any words you choose. Just place the initial in a small colored box, with buttons that contrast it. Then line them up or place them however you like, and you will have a nice button box with a message.

Image with buttons – Hearts

Hearts in the decoration world have always loved it very much. It implies warmth, affection, love, friendship … the heart is an international symbol of a house in peace and calm. Therefore, making a button box with a heart will not only look beautiful and harmonize with the whole space, but it will also look very chic.


Do this with a black or black and white striped background and whether the buds are red or a striking fuchsia pink. You will see how beautiful it is in a room.

Button painting – Landscapes

If what you have is a canvas, you can invest in a few buttons to create a painting like this – as you can see it’s simple, but it has so much movement and texture.


Create the box below, with the paint. Then go to place the buttons. Not only will you get the effect of the paint to change, But there is the most exclusive paint. In a few places you will find a painting like this. Especially if you use bronze buttons and a little satin, the effect will be amazing.

Button box – Expository

You don’t need to recreate shapes or landscapes to make a button box look pretty. You just have to choose the right ones, place the right buttons. The ones that mean something to you and put a beautiful frame on it.


Especially if the buttons follow a theme: bright colors, vintage, children … you can make the button box totally different from the others. But in addition, it will be striking and elegant by its simplicity.

Picture with buttons – Souvenirs

Because the memories of the different moments of a life will always have the right to be immortalized. It can be with a frame with a wedding ring, the feet of the first child, the graduation, a trip …


When you choose to immortalize those moments with buttons, you decide that memory is different from others, that it is always with you, and that it is exclusive.

If you liked what a box with buttons is, you probably liked these ideas. They definitely fascinated us and we made a hole in our diaries for these fun crafts. We hope you do the same, because it is so worth it.

butterfly button box

If you wanted to find out what other paintings can be done and what ideas there are in the world, nothing happens. Whose DIY10 we have many ideas and we want to share them with you. Therefore, we have created this Photo gallery. So you can have a good time watching.

Don’t stop sharing your button box with us, because we want to know all the creativity of our readers. And if you want to discover more craft poles like that, click on the following links.