PhotonGrill.  Your portable solar barbecue

The barbecue of the future is here. PhotonGrill, a 100% solar-powered barbecue. Perfect for camping and fire-free, lightweight and fossil-fuel-free areas, designed to be convenient and portable, it folds easily to fit in a backpack. The best? Its NASA-inspired technology that is so efficient that the grill reaches up to 200 ° C in just five minutes.


Recently launched on Kickstarter, PhotonGrill is available at a reduced price for early risers with a very light and optimized solar tray, barbecue tongs and an air pump. The portable grill weighs just over 3kg and is easily assembled in just three minutes. An optional add-on turns the PhotonGrill into a highly efficient power generator so you can charge your electronics with the sun wherever you go.


The design team says the technology is based on experiments conducted by NASA in the 1960s.


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