Escape boring bedrooms and personalize your room decor with more personal colors. Indeed, in today’s article we want to show you color photos for bedrooms 2020. Among all the photos we will highlight wedding bedroom colors 2020, kids bedroom colors 2020, warm color combinations for bedrooms, cool color combinations for bedroom and neutral colors for bedrooms. Do not miss this lively entrance full of colors that will make the rooms of your home acquire a special and personal color and move from places to being places of life and pleasure.

Colors for wedding rooms 2020

This year, the colors of the wedding rooms 2020 that are worn are neutral colors, as they give a much more elegant feel. However, we would like to offer you other proposals which may also match the ideal color of your double room.

Neutral colors

Colors such as gray, white or beige are some of the most used in wedding halls 2020 because they provide a more elegant appearance, in addition to provide space and light to the room.

Walls of different colors

One of the techniques that is now starting to create a trend is to establish walls in different colors. By this we mean that one of the walls is painted in a lighter tone and the others in a more neutral tone, preferably white. The feeling of this type of solution is that we have a more spacious and brighter room besides allowing the colors on the wall to maintain a constant balance and bring liveliness to the room.. So that you can get an idea, here is a picture.


The material used in recent years to decorate the walls of the bedrooms is none other than wallpaper. This technique is quite simple to apply, as it does not require drying for a long period of time or for the mixture to be homogeneous.. The only thing we need to keep in mind is that it needs to be in good shape, so with the help of a series of tools, we can achieve this without breaking a sweat. Among the wallpaper designs that stand out in the decoration of double rooms, we find that the designs are one of the most used, like the one shown in the image below.

However, we can also find simpler designs, with solid colors.

Colors for children’s rooms 2020

In general, children are the family members who arouse the most happiness among those close to us. So, with that in mind, how can your bedroom not exude joy? The shades of colors that evoke happiness are the most vivid, so we surely use blue, yellow, green or pink tones to awaken joy in the life of our children.

Blue and pink

If you’re one of the more classic parents, you can end up using blue and pink (blue for boys’ rooms and pink for girls). The degree of liveliness will be measured depending on the room. For rooms with low light, we recommend using softer tones to make it seem like a more spacious and bright room.. On the other hand, if you already have good natural light, we can use brighter tones to highlight it.


Nowadays, many parents decide to go for more personal designs with prints. For example, one weekend, you and your son have nothing to do. Well, even though it might sound crazy, painting the bedroom wall can be a very important step in your child’s life, so how not to bet on painting the bedroom wall on a boring day? For this, we recommend that you buy a wide choice of colors and make different shapes, such as the silhouette of a hand, on a white background so that your child will remember that he also participated in such a creation.

Warm color combinations for bedrooms

Light yellow or orange color

More and more interior design specialists intend to set aside warm color combinations for bedrooms, because it’s an idea that has been around for several years. Therefore, we recommend that you adapt to new interior design proposals and opt for cooler or neutral colors. Among the warm colors, we can highlight the typical yellow or light orange color.

Fresh color combinations for bedrooms

Bluish colors

If you have a home that’s warm enough, using bluish tones on bedroom walls can be one of the best cool color combinations for bedrooms. Not only will this give us a cooler space to deal with the high temperatures, but the cool tones allow for a better circulation of positive energy in the house, this is therefore an aspect to be taken into account.

Neutral colors for bedrooms


The color par excellence in interior decoration. Its fame is mainly due to the fact that it combines perfectly with any color of the elements that we have in mind., so we won’t have to worry about whether this is combined with the stay or not.


Another of the neutral colors for bedrooms most used today. In this case, these types of stays acquire a elegant appearance through the use of gray on the bedroom walls.

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