record photovoltaic Germany

Today we learned that on Wednesday April 15, German PV set a new production record of 27.7 GWh and the price of electricity in Germany was -1 euro / MWh for two hours. The country which produces the most electricity thanks to photovoltaic solar energy, being one of the countries with relatively low solar radiation and fewer hours of sunshine, compared to countries with a more northern geographical location.

Annual energy quantity

And the fact is that the countries of northern Europe recently gave us some very good news, for example that sales of electric cars broke records in Norway, 26% market share in March. Or that wind power covered 39% of Denmark’s electricity demand in 2014, breaking its own all-time high.

This Wednesday, the good weather allowed the German photovoltaic sector to set a new production record, setting the record at 27.7 GWh.

And it might not end there, very nice weather is expected in Germany, so PV production can continue to grow until June 21, so we could see another record in a few days.

Photovoltaics in Germany

The most recent data confirms a total accumulated photovoltaic capacity in Germany of 38 GW, which places it at the first position of the world record in absolute value. Spain has an installed photovoltaic capacity of around 4 GW.