The pizza. One of the most popular foods in the world, flagship of Italian cuisine and responsible, according to many, for the alarming increase in obesity around the world. The truth is, pizza is a delight that few of us can resist. Why have we prepared an entry on how recycle pizza box?

The reason is very simple. To the many problems attributed to such delicious food, which even has its International day (May 7), is added the nuisance represented by the boxes in which they are delivered. Therefore, as fans of this delicacy, in all its presentations today we want to come up with ideas to enjoy and recycle a pizza box.

How to recycle a pizza box

If we intend to recycle a pizza box, there are some aspects to consider about this. In many parts of the world, pizza boxes are not allowed in green containers. It sounds silly, but it has a reason: although it is cardboard elements, which at first glance is a recyclable material, the truth is that these cans are contaminated with fats, condiments and other elements which break down and can become a risk to human health.

This is the reason why fast food restaurants there are ecological bins. Well, although in many cases fast food packaging comes with the symbol indicating the possibility of recycling, the truth is that it is not correct to do so.

The process of recycling paper and cardboard is carried out mix these materials with water, forming a pulp which, after drying, becomes pulp for the manufacture of paper sheets or new packaging. However, as we all learned in school, water and oil do not mix. For this reason, the incorporation of packaging for foods containing fat, such as pizza, in the recycling processes will not eliminate the residues of these fats, which will be transferred to the new product.

But pizza is a food synonymous with solutions, not problems. If we can’t make new paper or cardboard with the packaging of such a wonderful product, we can use those boxes at home. You will be surprised to see that they exist many uses for these boxes, which, without this, would have no other destiny than to continue to pollute the planet, and especially to be a real nuisance in our trash cans.

20 uses we make of a pizza box

Laptop stand


The laptop stand or cooling base is a very useful item to improve the performance of our laptopand to protect it from damage caused by excessive heat. Likewise, the angle of inclination obtained thanks to them facilitates the work with these devices. Although these are not extremely expensive items, a box of piza can replace them perfectly.

What we basically do is open the box all the way, depending on the marks that appear in the figure. Then you fold the box by the folds, in the same way as the number indicates, leaving the advertisement hidden inside. You insure the parts you deem necessary with stapler hooks and ready. You already have a stand for your laptop with a 25 degree tilt.

Mini-football game

Open the box completely. Lift the edges and glue them to simulate the boundaries of the land. Use a green paper, to simulate grass, covering the bottom of the box. With white paint, mark out the regulatory lines.

The goals can be designed with wooden sticks or straws and you can cover them with pieces of fabric. The details are left to your creativity and your resources


Just separate the two halves and paint them white. You already have a canvas to develop your ideas. The rest goes without saying.

Small solar oven

Recycle a pizza box into a small one Solar furnace, will allow children to prepare cookies and candies in fine weather. Simply line the inside of the box with shiny aluminum foil. For this solution, you don’t need to make any major changes to the pizza box. You just need to make sure that the lid is open so that the top lid receives sunlight and reflects it off the saucers placed at the bottom. One stand is enough to keep the box open. A pencil, a ruler, a piece of wood.

Cat bed

Another option we can recycle a pizza box with is a dog or cat bed. It only remains to put one blanket and pillow and we will have the perfect place for the rest of our best friends.



If you like art, you can get a practical easel just by recycling a pizza box. It’s very simple: with a scalpel, draw a line ΒΌ the size of the lid of the box, then fold it back. With a piece of cardboard that you take from another box, you make a support so that the lid is raised at an angle of about 80 degrees. If you need a stapler to fix a part, don’t hesitate to use it.

With paper stickers or clips of those used to hang clothes on the clothesline, you can attach sheets of paper and start painting.


Finely recycling a pizza box (a lot really) can give us a very practical dresser. It is a job that takes patience, precise measurements, and DIY skills.

Car park

Two recycled pizza boxes will give us the opportunity to create a spectacular parking lot, for children play with your strollers. Plus, they’ll have a lot of fun doing it.

Gift boxes

If you love to recycle, you can pass this taste on to your friends when you give them a gift, wrapping it in this beautiful gift box made with a recycled pizza box:

An airport

A cardboard tube, a garland of lights like the ones we use at Christmas, black or dark paint and a pot of yogurt, medium round size and a pizza box of course, will be enough for children to enjoy an airport where their ships and planes will disembark:

School bags

How about these attractive and original school bags? They are easy to make and no one else at school will have one like yours.


A very practical organizer for sewing elements, but it can also be used for tools, screws, samples …

Computer toy

In safety with this educational computer, made with a pizza box, many young children will approach the Technology, without any danger


Organize your messages, unpaid bills, food delivery announcements and all your family documents, it is very easy to operate these pizza box display boards.

Naval battle game

The classic naval fighting game fits perfectly into the shape of pizza boxes. So this is another idea to recycle a pizza box.

The clock


You will need a clock to place inside, but you will undoubtedly have a very original wall clock.


Children can take control of their school activities with this practice Work timetable. For dad, it can also be attractive.


A blackboard will never be left at home. Children and adults alike need a place to write things that can be erased in minutes.

Plates for eating pizza

It is also a way to recycle a pizza box. The maker of these boxes devised a way by which, once the pizza is discovered at home, the dishes can be taken out of the same box for each person to eat, without using a disposable or washing up that later they use soap and water to wash themselves.


This option to recycle a pizza box doesn’t require you to do anything other than buy it from the world’s most famous pizza maker, and once you’ve eaten the pizza, turn the box over and lay it out on a hard surface.

The most curious of all is that it really works. The box contains electronic components which make by pressing the indicated buttons hear certain sounds. Very ingenious indeed.

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