At WoodMe we have already told you several times about the functionality of the drawers and in particular the different types or styles that we can find when purchasing them. Plastics are definitely on the rise.

While it seems that the drawers of wood They are the most common, it seems that nowadays and in many houses that go for modern decoration, they bet on other materials and that is why one should look at those which are plastic drawers.

Plastic drawers:

  • Plastic drawers are those drawers that we can not only find for children’s rooms and will help us stack or store toys, but we can also find them inside closets, in wardrobes or for example in the bathroom and indeed for many. corners of the house.

Plastic drawers for the bedroom:

  • Plastic drawers are strong and at the same time light, which is why they have become the great “allies” of many people when it comes to storing and storing all kinds of things. From books to items we no longer use to shoes and even clothing.
  • Although in the bedroom we might think that we are going to use them to store them inside the closet, we can also find models or designs of elongated plastic drawers and with wheels, so they will be ideal to place them under the bed. Another option is to stack them since we can also place them on top of each other thus creating a tower that would even be decorative although we have them in different colors.
  • In children’s rooms they are ideal, as I have already mentioned. They can be found in different forms, various colors and also children are not likely to harm them.

Plastic drawers in the bathroom:

  • In the bathroom we can also have this type of drawers and this will allow us to store all kinds of items that we use and place them on shelves, without having to use cabinets in this way and which in fact take much more room.

Plastic drawers for the office or living room:

  • This type of drawers can also be used for the home office or actually the living room. Its design is so current and modern that besides being cheaper, it can be said that a lot of people choose to use them and even fix them on the wall so that we can place them in a much more original way.
  • On the other hand, in the office, they will allow us to archive all kinds of documents, invoices, papers, although in what are called binders and whose material is of course plastic.

Now I leave you videos of the plastic drawers:

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