While mobiles have made great strides, getting thinner and thinner over time, the component that most limits the thickness of the phone has always been the lithium battery. Not to mention its duration, we are often forced to recharge our smartphone daily or use external batteries that we must first charge. Trying to partially solve these problems comes PocketPower, a small portable solar charger.

PocketPower is a charger – small solar battery, slim (each panel is only 2mm thick), foldable, lightweight (200 grams) and portable. When folded, it’s not much bigger than your smartphone. You can use it to charge your phone like any other electronic device with a USB connection.

To recharge it, just deploy it and take advantage of solar energy. Its four solar panels will run around the clock so you don’t run out of clean energy. You can directly charge the device you need or you can charge the battery for later use.

They designed a backpack that fits the device with the panels deployed. You’ll never run out of power for your electronics again. PocketPower solar panels are designed to withstand rain, sand or even snow.

Creators: John Gui and Dave Qui.

Its creators are looking for funding for the project on Kickstarter. Buy it here for $ 45.00.