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One of the biggest challenges in nature adventures today is not having electricity. In the middle of a forest or on a mountain, it is impossible to have access to electricity networks. So, the only alternative is to use accessories that generate energy with natural resources. One of these models is the mini wind turbine created by German designer Nils Ferber.

portable-assembly-mini-wind turbine

The kit consists of a few pieces that will fit into any bag and can be assembled in seconds. The turbine is extremely light and can be installed anywhere.

mini-wind turbines-portable-parts

According to the designer, it can pick up the wind from any direction and with a wind speed above 18 km / h, the system produces a constant power of 5 watts. Via a USB port, electronic devices can be connected directly to the turbine. But it also has a battery that stores what is produced for later use.

mini-wind turbines-portable-parts

This portable turbine is 40% lighter than its competitors.

According to your James Dyson Prize page, is looking for partners to develop the turbine and be able to market it.


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