Portable wind turbine for isolated areas

The designers Marcos Madia, Sergio Ohashi and Juan Manuel Pantano are responsible for the Eolic project, a concept of portable wind turbine whose mission would be to bring clean energy to small isolated installations. The structure, fully collapsible and constructed with ultra light materials such as aluminum and carbon, is designed to be deployed and assembled to its full height using two or three people.

It seems unlikely that a generator of these dimensions would be able to generate the energy needed to replace the energy, coming from the electricity grid or from generators using fossil fuels, needed in a family home. In addition, the base, not being buried in the ground, does not appear to be able to maintain the structure against strong winds.

But that doesn’t mean the project is pointless. On the contrary, thanks to its light weight, the Eolic could be a great way to get electricity for lamps or GPS devices when camping in windy areas. It could also be useful on a boat to power the refrigerator or navigation equipment, as well as at parties and outdoor concerts.

Seen in: twenergy.com