Portable wind turbine to generate electricity anywhere

Today we are talking about the Trinity portable turbine, second generation, a portable turbine that got the funding it needed Kickstarter.

The Trinity turbine It was designed by two Icelandic brothers Agustsson, and produces electricity from an air speed of 2 m / s. The renewable energy generated is stored in a battery internal for use when you need it.

These brothers succeeded in building their own wind turbine, in order to reduce their electricity bill. They liked the theme so much that they decided to start designing portable wind turbines. They founded the Trinity Project, where they have several models of different sizes and wattages, with a battery included.

Trinity portable turbine models

There are several Trinity models, 50 – 400 – 1000 – 2500 watts. You can charge from small devices such as cell phone to electric car batteries or use it to power our house or caravan.

It is equipped with two different types of blades, for greater customization, the turbines can take advantage of the most favorable wind conditions or, alternatively, on days when the wind is not so strong.

Trinity portable turbine for recharging electric cars

The battery that integrates the most powerful models (400, 1000 and 2500 watts) has an inverter which allows the power supply to be synchronized with the electrical installation of the house or the caravan via an outlet, bringing the electricity produced by the turbine directly to the rest of the outlets – as a main or additional power source, reducing electricity consumption from the grid or vehicle batteries. Come on, you can take your portable turbine in the trunk of your electric car to recharge it wherever and whenever you want with wind power.

The turbines rely on batteries identical to those used in electric cars, and the range starts at 650 grams – a truly portable turbine. It can fit a full size car.

Trinity portable turbine in the trunk

With wind speeds of around 4m / s, the Model 400 charges its 30,000mAh battery in 3-4 hours – enough capacity to charge a smartphone 10-15 times.

Its price goes from the less powerful 360 model, up to 5,500 euros, depending on the model we want.

Their launch is scheduled from May 2016. Every day we have more opportunities to choose an environmentally friendly portable charger.


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