If you have had pleasant experiences with your family over Christmas, if you have fond memories that you would like to keep and relive from time to time, the best way to do that is to have a handmade photo frame. It is an original and personal detail that will cost you little time and money.

A photo frame is a frame that has a background and a base in which an image is placed inside, a photograph, a drawing, a postcard, etc. The photo frame can also be used for other purposes, for example to give greater prominence or relevance to information to rememberIt can be a letter, an agenda, a calendar, anything. Frames can have hooks or devices that allow them to be hung in places where they can be easily seen, for example, the wall, table, cabinet, table in a room, etc., as well as an element of reminder, it serves to decorate the environment.

Photo frames can be made of various materialsThey can be wood, plastic, metal, cardboard, foam, here are some examples.

How to create portraits

Building a simple photo frame is easier than it looks, these are also decorative elements where they can be placed photographs of our loved ones. These objects can be placed anywhere. Whether at work or at home, they add a touch of elegance and convey beautiful images of what we love. This is a great pattern for manual work, let’s see how to make photo frames.

Foami portraits

The materials which are used are:

  • We will need a sheet of foam that has the color we have chosen depending on how we want to decorate the frame.
  • A sheet of translucent paper.
  • Pencil, scissors, rubber, ruler, among others.

How to do step by step:

First we will cut out a square shape in the foami sheet and the measurement should be double the translucent sheet of paper.


portraits in foami

When we have cut out the square, we will put the sheet of translucent paper on top of the foam square, there we will have to mark the outline to cut it later. When we cut, we have to make sure to do it with 2cm less than the diameter of the translucent sheet of paper.

Once we have made the hole on the square, we will glue the sheet of ptranslucent calliper with rubber located in the hole we practiced.

Then the square which has the same diameter as the first must be cut, it will be placed on the back of the frame, once we have the photo on it. We need to glue it only at the four ends.

To conclude, we will practice two holes in the upper area of ​​the square and we will put a cord that has the color that we are going to use to make the support, it will be used to hang it. Once that is done, we will choose how we will decorate it, using an add-on or simply leave it as we built it.

Cardboard portraits

For the cardboard portrait rack, we need the following materials:

  • Cardboard, this may be crumpled or smooth
  • The scissors
  • Glue
  • Rule
  • Buttons
  • diamond
  • Photography
  • Spray that has the color we like the most

In its construction we will have to get comfortable, work on a wide table where we will put the extended materials, first we will cut out a cardboard rectangle that has the approximate size of the picture we will use, suppose that the the dimensions are 30 × 25 cm. Next, we’ll spray paint on the square and let it dry for a few minutes. While the cardboard dries, we will cut out another smaller size, in this case 20 × 15 centimeters, the color we select will be painted.

Once the boxes are dry, we will use the first cardboard that we use, we will turn it over to be able to cut it a little more, using a ruler and a pencil we will make a measurement of 15 × 10 cm. We will patiently reduce it. Then we will glue this new square as we have it on the second cardboard. The gaps must be well covered, this is how we will get a beautiful setting.

cardboard portraits

cardboard portraits

To decorate it, we will do the following:

We will put the photograph inside the frame and we’ll turn it over so it’s face up. This will be the best time to decorate, because we need to carefully glue the corrugated paper all over the frame, and then we will wait for it to dry well.

When we have completed this step, we will begin paste colorful buttons, We will carefully put a few drops of glue all over the frame and carefully glue the buttons. When we do that, we will have the frame almost finished.

The last part is the simplest, the handle, for that, it is enough to give it the special touch. We will make a few small holes in the areas on either side of the board and we will pass a thread through them. We will make sure it is secure with tape or glue and finished it.

Wooden portraits

To make our wooden photo frame, we will put a wooden board on a flat surface that has one side of 5 cm wide, positioned upwards. We can use whatever size table we want for this frame. It is possible to make corrections in the selected measurements, to make it to the necessary size.

We will mark four pieces which will each have 30 cm. We are going to make a few saw cuts in all four areas, the cuts should be straight. With the miter saw we will cut the edges of the pieces and they will have an angle of 45 °. Once these angles are joined, we will create corners on the frame and they will be at 90 °.

Using the milling machine, we will make a small edge all over the bottom of each element 30 cm. The rim will allow the glass to stay in place.

Parts must be sanded to be removed roughness and chips. the polyurethane must be transparent and for this we will carefully read the manufacturer’s instruction, we will let it dry properly. We will put on the layers we need until the desired shine is achieved. The frame should be lightly sanded to allow the polyurethane to set well.

The pieces should be face down on a flat surface. the we will join together so that the corners coincide and that the countersunk edge is on the inside. To do this, we will grab the corners where the angles that have clamps meet. These will allow the sides to stick together.

We are going to spray glue on one side of the board and cover it with felt. This should have equal size as frame. We let the glue dry and then we clean the glass to place it in the frame so that it rests on the countersunk edge. You can cut the glass in a glassware, we will put the picture then the felt board.

We add a 10 cm ribbon on the corners of the front part of the frame, in this way we keep the felt backing, also the photo and the glass on your site. Finally we put upholstery nails, these can be easily removed to change the photo.

Recycled portraits

Recycled photo frames can be made and give our house a special touch. For this we will use different wastes.

Recycled photo frames

Glass bottles: This is one way to get simple photo frame, you just need clean the jar that we don’t need and put the photo inside. We turn the bottle over so that the powder does not get inside. You can put the lid on the container and leave it like that. Putting different jars of different sizes with photographs inside will create a special atmosphere.
Old forks: This is another original way to get photo frames with discarded materials, we will use forks with broken or bent teeth, we will mold them to our liking, the tips of the fork will have a shape that will serve as a base and support, different shapes can be experienced.

Newspapers portraits: If we really want and have time, we can build a photo frame with newspaper. We need lots of sheets of newspaper, a piece of cardboard, and white glue. We will cut the cardboard to the desired size of the frame using a square so that it is straight. We will make some “rolls” using the sheets of newspaper and we will put white glue so that they remain rigid, when they have dried we will make an interlacing on the surface of the cardboard and we will put another layer of glue to protect the material. We let it dry and it’s over.