Water comes in, energy goes out “. It sounds easy and it is; with the appropriate technology, of course. And there are few that make it possible. However, one of them, PowerSpout, stands out from the other options available in the market. Like other hydraulic turbines, it transforms the flow of water which naturally turns into electricity. But in addition to producing clean energy, it is inherently clean. 68% of its materials are recycled, and 70% can be recycled at the end of its useful life.

PowerSpout, the smart turbine that converts water flow into clean energy

This is one of the main features of PowerSpout. Its promoters claim to have worked for years to find the exact design of the equipment to be, in addition to being doubly durable, “most” robust, cost effective, technically advanced and flexible. This is confirmed in the video demonstration of this technology which uses naturally moving water and capture it to convert this flow into energy.


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Even the smallest stream can generate consistent and clean renewable energy at a price per watt lower than the sun and the wind “, explains the company that promotes this system. This is distinguished not only by offering an option “Ecologically responsible”. Her heart, they say, is an intelligent generation unit that she embodies. With him, the team behaves like the others, but at less than half of the revolutions per minute. The diameter of this device, which is twice that of normal use, allows it to generate up to 1 W / rpm.

In addition to the intelligent generator, PowerSpout includes a different propeller rotor, which ensures high efficiency to capture energy from the water flow. This rotor is molded in nylon with fiberglass or in stainless steel, in the case of the Low Heat model, one of the three launched on the market.

To find out which one to choose and, also, how these systems would work in each case, you can consult a online calculator offering all the details.

Suitable for use with connection or without connection to the network, PowerSpout is compatible with all the equipment in a home. In those who have a current of water available, it allows not only to reduce the electricity bill, but also to be powered by the energy supplied by this flow. In this sense, the promoters of this technology, rewarded among other things by the Best Earth Saving Idea prize, assure that equipment placed in a current capable of generating 1 kW would provide the electricity necessary for a house for a year.

More information: powerspout.com