A glass suitable for placing on facades, windows, skylights or awnings which allows the passage of light, attenuates its effect inside the building and, at the same time, generates energy. This is PowerVision-150, one of the latest innovations in the solar energy industry, launched on the market by the American company Solaria, which specializes in high efficiency silicon photovoltaic modules.

With this new product, architects, developers and builders can bring solar energy “nowhere: skylights, windows, facades, roofs … “, assures the chef of Salaria, Suvi Sharma, on this innovation with which, deepens, “Almost any constructive element of a building, beyond the roof, can produce electricity”.

With proven results after several tests at Lawrence Berkeley laboratory, Flexlab, This innovation has been endorsed by some of the largest companies in the construction and glass industries. These include Pilkington, AGC and Walters & Wolf.

This solution so that any building, whether residential or commercial, turns into a renewable energy production plant fits perfectly into the construction, where it is easily installed to produce energy with maximum efficiency and with more benefits.

Thus, in addition to enabling high performance energy capture, this technology mitigates the effect of a building’s exposure to sunlight. With this, in addition, an improvement in the thermal capacity of the building is obtained. In addition, according to the promoters of PowerVision-150, this solution makes it possible to control reflections and does not obstruct the view from inside a building.

With this glass, Solaria promotes the transformation of any structural element into a source of capture and generation of energy, explains the company, whose manager recalls that no more and no less 40% of the energy consumed in the world is used to meet the demands of buildings. Now these have in this architectural product another alternative to generate clean energy.