Chat, watch TV, read, play … The living room is the heart of any home: a meeting place for the whole family. A great challenge for professional and amateur decorators: making that space comfortable, versatile and welcoming.

Cozy, quiet and welcoming

The living room should above all be a comfortable place that reflects our personality. Let’s find the living room as close as possible to the brightest areascovering the windows with curtains and drapes. Curtains are a perfect option for colonial environments. If you have children, choose used upholstery and paint them with colorful cushions like the one in the picture.

The challenge of choosing the best sofa

Do you know how many hours you spend on the couch a day? Don’t skimp on one of the most important pieces of furniture in the house. Choose a large sofa, very comfortable, removable and with washable upholstery, easy to maintain. The most recent models are versatile: they have independent modules that we can use as auxiliary chairs, tables and even a chaise longue.

Making the most of space

Lack of space is one of the main problems in today’s housing. You must use all your weapons to make the most of the square feet of your small living room. Look for versatile furniture, which can have multiple uses and good storage capacity. If you can’t find what you need, you need someone to make custom or custom cabinets for you.

Bet on light furniture and uniform spaces

This advice is especially useful in smaller houses: you will expand the space visually, delimiting spaces without overloading them. Arrange the sofas, table and light points symmetrically. The order will help you make better use of the space. If you want to create a space to eat and you don’t have many meters, use similar furniture and combine the fabrics of the two spaces to decorate.

Smooth walls and light colors to match

One of the most repeated questions from users in terms of decoration: What color do I paint the room? The answer depends on the light, the personal tastes of each one, but also on the latest trends. Today the off-white has regained strength and competes with colors like stone, beige, yellow or cream. In very avant-garde rooms, we will see a single wall painted in red, brown or black.

Time to dress up the room

We must choose with special attention the fabrics of our room. Your personality and warmth depend on them; your harmony. The pillows and curtains will help us to give a stroke of color, while for upholstery and curtains we will have to choose more classic, less tired tones.

Choosing a good soil

As with walls, choosing a light shade for the floor helps to improve the feeling of space. Lately, white or gray laminate flooring is in vogue. They are the ideal way to add style and space to a small living room and, unless we choose solid wood, it doesn’t have a high cost.