Having a prefabricated house is something that many people have considered, given that buying a house or an apartment is really expensive today. It gives the impression that these types of houses already assembled and which can even be located in any space are a little cheaper, but is that really the case?


How are prefabricated houses?

Prefabricated houses o modular houses These are type houses that have all the elements, both for the exterior and for the interior, so that it can be said that they are complete and that they do not need more than a place or a land on which to settle.

These types of houses are usually built in factories, so that all the materials needed for their construction are properly checked and inspected and with little margin for error, and at the same time. manufacturing quality is guaranteed much more in depth than in a conventional construction.


As for the construction, as you can imagine, the assembly of this type of houses too cost reduction and that usually translates into the price at which the house is listed. So that you can fully appreciate it, compare the dimensions and comfort of a certain prefabricated house with the money they would charge for the same but with conventional construction.

An important aspect that we must add is that in the manufacture of this type of house the energy consumption. In this way, They have designs with better insulation and in many cases better materials that will turn our home into a sustainable space that will save us money on heating and cooling costs.

Manufactured home prices


Based on the above, we could say that although we can customize design of your home before it is built and you can choose the materials you want your home to be made with, manufactured homes can be cheaper than buying a conventional home.

The price of the house will vary not only according to the desired dimensions, but also according to the materials. For this, we recommend that you take into account the weather conditions of where you are going to live, as there are more recommended materials for one place or another.

If you choose single-celled houses built concrete, I recommend that you take a look at the prefabricated houses in Hormipresa because on their website there is a gallery of photographs of the different houses that they have built which, besides serving as information, can also be useful as a source of information. inspiration to create your home.

prefabricated concrete house

The prices we will give you below are general and will depend on the factors we have given you previously. That said, among the different offers and prices that we have looked at, we can say that the average price of a house with 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom and 1 veranda can cost us a few 59,000 euros, having at our disposal a house of 75 m2 built.


Another example that can help us keep thinking about the value of prefabricated houses is the wooden house in red that you see in the photo. This house has 196 square meters, at least two floors with a porch and a terrace, large windows that allow us to predict that you will enjoy a large amount of natural light and its price is 92,000 euros.


Let’s take another example so that we can continue to re-evaluate our options. For this occasion, we chose a prefabricated house cheaper than the previous ones and which offers a large space. This house has two bedrooms, with wood finishes and a small space to enjoy the terrace. The final sale price was around 23,000 euros.

If we follow the thread of the article that we are sharing with you today, surely many of you are asking yourself the same question, why aren’t people jumping head first to buy this type of house yet?

The simple answer to this very logical and typical question is that in order to enjoy a modular home it is necessary to have a building land or land so that you can place your new home. Taking into account that in cities it can be difficult, not impossible, to be able to rely on all of this, conventional housing is often used but, if you search well, you may find your opportunity.

Video of a prefabricated house inside:

The big question that then arises for all of us is what does a modular house look like on the inside, how is it divided and what it looks like. Well, to give you an idea of ​​what these types of houses look like, we have chosen this video which will allow you to learn about a new house option from the inside: