Properties, benefits and medicinal uses of lime

Also known as the linden blossom in North America, linden is a very powerful and useful medicinal flower.

The flowers, inner bark and leaves of the lime tree have been used to treat many diseases, regardless of age.

Linden is a tree that grows in temperate climates in the northern hemisphere.

But it is found both in Europe and Asia, where it grows in moist soils and valleys. The tree grows wild, it is common to see it on the roadside or in parks due to the shade it leaves.

Characteristics of the linden flower

Its large, asymmetrical, heart-shaped leaves allow for abundant foliage during the summer months. The upper part of the leaves is dark green, and the lower part is very shiny, almost white.

The wood produced by the lime tree is appreciated by artists of all varieties. Due to its good resonance in the medium and high frequencies, wood is used in the making of guitars, both acoustic and electric.

Uses of lime.

Linden has many uses as a medicinal plant, it is common for people to drink it as a tea. The flowers of this delicious medicinal herb produce a large amount of sticky nectar, proving to be a treat for the bees that deposit their hives on this tree.

For some people, the best honey in the world comes from the nectar of the linden blossom.

The flowers are also picked by perfumers, to capture its exceptional scent and by herbalists, to capture the many healing properties of this flower.

Benefits and properties of holistic medicine.

Linden flowers are widely recognized as a holistic medicine.

It has been used over the centuries to alleviate illnesses and medical conditions. It has very few side effects and it does not react with other known drugs.

In fact, the Food and Drug Administration believes it may be safe for pregnant or breastfeeding women and for children.

This tea is growing in popularity because it can be used by anyone for long periods of time.

The only possible problem was pointed out in a report from the German Commission.

Ingesting large amounts of linden has been found to cause heart problems in some people. This only happens in a very small percentage of people, and only after massive ingestion.

For stress.

Linden has a natural calming effect when consumed as a tea.

Unlike coffee, a cup of linden tea, three times a day, can help calm your nerves. Hyperactive and generally sick babies can be soothed by simply adding a little lime tea to the bottle.

Due to its calming effect on the nervous and circulatory system, lime is also used to treat high blood pressure.

Not only does it slow down a person’s heart rate, it can also cause mild coronary vasodilation. It is even believed to have a healing effect on the walls of blood vessels as well, which may even extend to improving varicose veins.

Use it instead of modern drugs.

Hot lime tea is effective in reducing fever.

Although it has a pleasant taste, you can mix it with honey.

The properties of the flower increase blood flow to the skin and cause sweating, which lowers body temperature.

Cold and flu symptoms can be reduced thanks to the incredible properties of linden.

As an antioxidant, linden removes toxins from the body.

Remember to consult your doctor before starting any treatment with herbal remedies.