Properties, benefits and uses of pennyroyal mint
Image: Inna Giliarova – Shutterstock.

Pennyroyal, like another variety of plants, has been used since ancient times for mankind. It is a plant that gives humans properties for various uses, both for health (to fight against ailments and other ailments of the body) and for its gastronomic and commercial use.

In this article, we provide you with all the information about pennyroyal, which, although it does not bear its name, is a medicinal plant par excellence, being recommended to fight against certain irregularities or alterations in our body.

What is Pennyroyal?

Pennyroyal is a type of aromatic plant that comes from the Lamiaceae family. Its scientific name is “Mentha pulegium”And has its origins in the Asian continent, more precisely in the Mediterranean basin.

Pennyroyal, or also known as pennyroyal, is a great flavoring herb. It has a strong, minty scent, like peppermint, oregano or basil, to name a few.

It is a plant with a small stem (between 30 to 40 centimeters), with greenish leaves and small purple flowers.

Pennyroyal is a plant widely used since Antiquity, as an infusion, as a medicinal plant, as an aroma and also as an insect repellent.

Properties and benefits of pennyroyal mint

Pennyroyal has important properties for health. The uses given to this medicinal plant in its different presentations are varied, especially in tea, thanks to its flavor and exquisite aroma. Its consumption is very common in the population. Some of its advantages and properties are:

  1. Regulates the menstrual cycle. Used as an infusion, peppermint pennyroyal is ideal for women with menstrual disorders, such as low blood flow, colic or any other discomfort, all thanks to its emmenagogic effect.
  1. Stimulates the appetite. Thanks to its pleasant smell and taste, pennyroyal stimulates the appetite. For this reason, its consumption is recommended for people who suffer from liver disease, heart failure, kidney failure, among other diseases that lead to loss of appetite.
  1. It is a powerful ally of the digestive system. Peppermint infusions are recommended as a digestive, helping to reduce inflammation in the colon, expel gas and facilitate evacuation; thus alleviating digestive discomfort caused by excessive food intake.

In natural medicine, pennyroyal peppermint is used for the functioning of the gallbladder, contributing to the expulsion of bile, necessary for the proper functioning of the digestive organ.

  1. It is deworming. For centuries, pennyroyal has been used as a depressant, another benefit that helps regulate the functioning of the digestive system.
  1. Lower the temperature. Peppermint pennyroyal has an antipyretic effect, helping exudation or leveling body temperature due to febrile symptoms.
  1. It’s antiseptic. Another advantage of using pennyroyal. This is because its astringent action is ideal for cleaning external wounds and skin fungi.
  1. It has relaxing properties. Ideal for combating depressive states or anxiety caused by stress. Pennyroyal infusions are recommended before going to sleep in order to obtain restful sleep, essential for the well-being of mental and physical health.
  1. It is cough suppressant – antiexpectorant. It can be used as an infusion or sprays to help fight colds. Its cough suppressant properties help to clean the bronchi, facilitating the expulsion of mucus thanks to the menthol content of this plant.

Scientific research conducted by the Research center of the pharmaceutical company Barij Essence (located in Iran) confirm that pennyroyal has expectorant properties, allowing the lungs to be cleansed of accumulated secretions. It is a powerful ally in the fight against bronchitis.

  1. It’s slimming. Peppermint pennyroyal contains slimming properties, which is why it is recommended for overweight people. Something very important is that in order to achieve the desired effect, it is advisable to take the infusion of this plant during a diet and exercise program for weight loss.

Risks and contraindications

Anything in excess is bad, and the disproportionate use of this herb is no exception. The risk is higher when using your oil. Here are some risks of consuming too much pennyroyal:

  • It could cause gastrointestinal issues, such as heartburn and even diarrhea.
  • Its consumption is not recommended in people with kidney disease, as its excessive use can be toxic.
  • Its excessive consumption is not recommended in people with low hemoglobin levels. Peppermint pennyroyal has been shown to absorb iron, which can cause hypoglycemia.
  • It is not recommended to take its infusions in pregnant women or during the breastfeeding period.
  • Consumption of this plant is not recommended in children under two years of age.

How to prepare the infusion of pennyroyal mint?

First of all, there are two ways to prepare it. The first is to use the tea bags that you will get at any supermarket or supply; the second is naturally, and is generally the most recommended if you want to get the most of its benefits.

Preparation: Boil the water, then place the tea bag or, failing that, two tablespoons of pennyroyal leaves. Then just let it sit and that’s it. If you prefer, you can sweeten it with honey, although if the goal is to ingest it for dietary purposes, it is best to take it naturally.

Remember to consult your doctor before starting any treatment with herbal remedies.