Properties, uses and benefits of sage

Sage (Salvia officinalis L.), is a wild plant of Mediterranean origin, it has beautiful purple flowers and a very characteristic smell that is difficult to confuse. Like other wild herbs, this plant not only took root in its place of origin, but has been cultivated all over the world.

The fact that sage has become so widespread means that in each region it has also acquired unique properties, so there is more than one variety of sage in the world.

Different types of Salvia.

We have black sage, which is a variant of this black flowering plant and found mostly in the Amazon rainforests of Venezuela, Colombia and Brazil.

There is also white sage, which is another variant of the plant that we can get in Chile and is characterized mainly by the white color of its flowers, as well as in Brazil they have red sage, which thanks to its beautiful flower in the vast majority the continent has begun to cultivate it in gardens for its beautiful colors.

But it is here in Europe that one can find many more variations of salvia, as well as in Africa and Asia.

All over the world there are many variations of this plant, however, no matter if you get it in China or the North Pole, all varieties of sage contain endless beneficial properties for our body.

Advantages and properties.

In its chemical composition, sage is a powerful anti-inflammatory, so that in case of a bruise we can use it to relieve swelling, also being able to use it for muscle pain, inflammation of the colon or rheumatic problems.

Sage is a strong antiseptic, so we can use some sage to treat any kind of infection or mild irritation. In case you have a mild sore throat, a few gargles with sage will solve this problem, as well as it can be used to clean all kinds of minor wounds on our skin. We can also use it as a home mouthwash for cases of stomatitis, gingivitis or pharyngitis.

Sage can also be used to treat sudden stomach cramps or spasms, all thanks to the fact that this herb has excellent antispasmodic properties.

It is also a strong pain reliever, so that if there is pain in the stomach, muscles or head, we can also use sage for relief, so in the same way we can use it to treat menstrual pain.

Sage is also rich in vitamins A and C which is why it also helps us to keep our immune system in peak condition. Another property of this plant is that it is effective in fighting viruses and bacteria thanks to its antibiotic properties.

Using a homemade essential oil, sage can also be extremely helpful in treating all kinds of cuts or wounds on our skin, helping to speed healing and keep our skin free from infection.

In case of fever, we can resort to an infusion of sage to help us sweat thanks to the many properties it contains.

Its infusion can be useful for indigestion and heartburn.

Remember to consult your doctor if you have any questions.

How to make Salvia tea.

Here you can find some recipes for their infusions.