In WoodMe we are now talking about blinds and those that are made of PVC, a material that is increasingly used in homes for windows and blinds, and now we reveal their composition, advantages and disadvantages.

Usually in all Houses Usually there are blinds made of aluminum, it is a type of material that is used more and more for these elements and has virtually the same functionality but at a lower price.

What is PVC?

  • PVC is a product obtained from the polymerization of vinyl chloride monomer into polyvinyl chloride.
  • From this polymerization, we obtain a kind of resin which in fact belongs to the family of plastics and this makes it possible to manufacture all kinds of products which will be resistant, rigid and at the same time flexible.
  • It must be said that although it is a very versatile resin, the truth is that PVC is a difficult product to formulate and process, as it requires a large number of ingredients and an adequate balance of those. here to transform it. to the desired end product.
  • In 1930, BF Goodrich Chemical discovered that PVC absorbs plasticizer and when processed it becomes a flexible product. This discovery made the initial commercial development possible. Later, with the use of more suitable stabilizers, the development of the rigid PVC market was made possible; These two important developments have enabled PVC to become the most versatile and important thermoplastic on the world market.

I have already mentioned that PVC is a material very present in homes today and in the case of blinds it must be said that it allows them to be lighter although there are also some disadvantages compared to other elements such as aluminum.

Advantages and disadvantages of PVC:

  • Being a resistant material, it must be said that in the case of blinds it allows us to insulate us from both cold and heat.
  • On the other hand, it must be said that it is also a flexible material and although this does not always happen, in some cases blinds made of this material will be a small risk for houses where there is a lot of wind currents and in in this case it is better to choose aluminum.
  • Now best of all is your price because they are much cheaper than the others and in fact we can save up to 15% with each window if we bet on PVC for them.
  • In addition, PVC is a material that can be treated and therefore we must say that if we want we can paint them in the color we want.

I now leave you a video of how PVC blinds are:

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