The smartphones are more and more widespread in our society, thanks to the technological development of these devices, your camera, calendar, cell phone and even a mini computer can be combined into one device that allows them to perform basic tasks , such as reading email, updating social media, and doing web operations.

Eccentric ray It is a solar charger that will allow us to charge our smartphone anywhere in an ecological way, we only need a few rays of sun to have our battery ready again. Thanks to its design, we can use it in airplanes, cars … and in any means of transport where we can have direct contact with the rays of the King of the Stars.

The solar panel is surrounded by a sturdy suction cup that will allow you to capture as many rays from the car windshield, your office window, or even an airplane window with enough power to fully charge. a smartphone through a USB port that makes charging the device simple and easy.


– Stores enough energy to fully charge a cell phone.
– USB port allows easy charging.
– The suction cup adheres to the windows.
– Includes support for stability on flat surfaces.
– Bright LED indicator shows Ray’s battery status.


  • Solar panel
  • Drums
  • Circuit board with LED light
  • Usb
  • Reinforced plastic
  • Flexible TPE suction cup


  • 2.5 “x 2.5” x 3 “