RatedPower designs solar power plants in minutes with 20% more profitability

RatedPower is a Spanish startup that is revolutionizing solar power plant design, replacing traditional engineering projects with automated calculations that improve efficiency and reduce costs.

The renewable energy industry in general, and the solar market in particular, is growing at an unprecedented rate in the world. Every day we hear about new innovations and solar records that will guide the future of the energy industry. The determination of energy experts and scientists towards the photovoltaic market is driven not only by technological improvements, lower costs, greater efficiency and greater social awareness, but also by being a adaptable and scalable industry which has shown that solar energy can be the best solution to overcome a global crisis.

According to BloombergNEF, solar power has become one of the cheapest energy alternatives in most countries around the world. However, the industry needs to grow faster and this can only be achieved with large-scale digitization and automation.

RatedPower was founded in 2017, its aim is to play a key role in the acceleration of the energy transition to ensure that solar energy will soon become the main source of energy in the world. For this, pvDesign has simulated and optimized more than 1000 GW in more than 100 countries from the United States to Australia via Saudi Arabia, Chile and China.

RatedPower automatically determines the smartest way to maximize the value of any solar power plant, pvDesign makes it easy to analyze the feasibility and setup of new solar power plants for these companies, reducing several weeks of traditional engineering processes and generating over 300 pages documentation in seconds.

Its success is based on its simplified design solution that uses optimization algorithms, preserving the integrity of the most efficient engineering designs. Second, through its continuous updates and improvements, based on customer feedback, pvDesign has been kept at the forefront of new industry innovations, such as the optimization of energy performance calculations for bifacial modules.

RatedPower has received prestigious awards including the European Commission Seal of Excellence and Horizon 2020 Phase 2 program, Google for New Business Residency, and first prize winner of EDP Open Innovation and Santander Explorer, as well as participation in the first Techstars Energy program with Equinor.

RatedPower wants to pave the way for digitization by implementing software technologies in the renewable energy sector.


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