Rayfrigeration, the first zero emission refrigeration unit using solar energy, is ready for use in freight trucks dedicated to deliveries in urban areas. This was verified after five months of testing in real working conditions, in which this system reduced emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOX) and carbon dioxide (CO2) by 98% and 86%, respectively.

These aren’t the only accomplishments of this innovation, the first of its kind out of the box, after months of review in a dairy delivery truck in Fresno, California. The system also helps contain 97% of particulate air pollution. In addition, another advantage is its ability to reduce operation and maintenance costs by 90% compared to diesel refrigeration units.

Until now, refrigeration systems for trucks have incorporated small diesel engines that ensure the temperature necessary for transporting products requiring refrigeration. The advance launched by the company eNow radically changes the model by offering to the market the first electric unit whose battery obtains the necessary energy in two ways.

The first is to use a large capacity auxiliary system that recharges when the system is plugged in overnight. On the other hand, when the truck is running, a photovoltaic panel system installed on your roof they supply the energy necessary for this unit to cool the cargo to medium temperature.

During the test phase, conducted in the middle of summer on the streets of California, the 1,800-watt solar system provided more than enough power to maintain the temperature during a typical workday, marked by openness. and continuous closing of doors during deliveries.

The performance of Rayfrigeration during the five months of tests on board a Challenge Dairy truck led this leading brand of dairy products to consider replacing its entire fleet of distribution trucks to equip it with these systems.

And, as the promoters of this electric unit for refrigerated trucks explain, the savings for companies that opt ​​for this alternative are significant, since they will no longer have to worry about fuel costs or engine maintenance. .

Rayfrigeration, is a “An important step forward towards reducing emissions which also guarantees the highest levels of efficiency”, assures eNow President and CEO Jeff Flath, who points out that this new unit provides energy “Emission-free for such a critical task as refrigerating fresh food”.

And this is deduced from the data collected during the testing phase. The reduction in emissions provided by Rayfrigeration is really significant. In four working days with 7’7 hours per day, a conventional refrigeration unit would emit 2,525 pounds of CO2 and 7,162 grams of NOX. This new system reduces them to 159 in the first case and to 1 gram in the second.

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