Recipe for making homemade cosmetic soap

When you discover the wonderful world of making our own products at home, a world of possibilities opens up for us that has no limits. Today we are going to share a recipe that works great especially for soap for cosmetic use, with high quality ingredients.

As it is a soap that will be in direct contact with our skin, we will NOT use recycled oil, we will use unused oil, extra virgin if possible and of course, if it comes from certified organic farming, better.

Homemade cosmetic soap ingredients.

The recipe is basic, you can and should enrich yourself with your own creativity and the essential oils you love the most.

The ingredients and materials needed are:

  • 500 g of organic extra virgin olive oil or 400 g of olive oil + 90 g of organic coconut oil + 10 g of organic essential oils.
  • 62 grams of caustic soda (minimum purity of 98%).
  • 160 gr of distilled water.
  • Gloves, other than for single use.
  • Protective glasses
  • Glass or glass container to make the mixture and a mold to rest the final mixture during the 7-10 days of the solidification period (never aluminum because it releases toxic gases in the process).
  • Wooden spoon for mixing.
  • Blender to speed up the final process and make it perfect, you can use an old one, only use it to make soap.

Make homemade cosmetic soap.

  1. We prepare the ingredients in their containers. It is very important to take into account the danger of caustic soda during the process. If the process is done with children, it is important that they do not deal with this and participate in a secondary and well-protected way, since soda in the process of saponification and mixing emits toxic gases and is corrosive to the to touch. as to inhalation.
  2. Protect yourself to avoid accidents, a minimum of gloves.
  3. Perform the process in a ventilated area not to breathe gases as heat emanates from the chemical reaction.
  4. We introduce the soda in the water (never the other way around), we mix with the spoon until the soda melts and mixes perfectly with the water.
  5. Little by little, we add the oil (If we have chosen to mix another type of essential oil, we reserve them for the end of everything, when the mixture is already done, so we will maintain the aroma and its properties to the maximum).
  6. We beat the mixture for at least 10 minutes, it must be perfectly mixed.
  7. It is at the end when we introduce the chosen essential oils, we mix a little more with the mixer.
  8. We pour the mixture into the mold and / or individual moldsIt is now if we want to give it a special touch with a natural color, when we introduce it (like turmeric, beetroot powder, etc …) if we want to decorate with dried flowers (lavender, marigold, etc …) now is the time to do it.

Ready! now patience and let it sit and carry out the saponification process for 7-10 days, and we will wait 2 months to use it on our skin.

Final thoughts:

  • We will choose recipes that use amounts in grams (not milliliters).
  • For cosmetic use, our recipe is over-greased, that is to say with a good proportion of oil, this will help us to improve hydration and hygiene of the skin.
  • If I put 500 grams of oil in the recipe, you can use, for example, 400 grams of extra virgin olive oil, 90 grams of coconut oil and 10 grams of essential oils according to your taste and creativity. .
  • It is important that the oil and the mixture are always at the same temperature.
  • If you make homemade soap, you will wait around 7 days to cut it, or you will see that it has separated from the container and What is more important 2 months before using it on your skin, because this is the time that caustic soda needs to have made the final reaction and is not toxic to humans.
How to make organic homemade soap