Denmark record: wind energy covered 39% of electricity demand in 2014

Wind power generation in Denmark set another all-time record, in 2014 it provided four out of every 10 kWh consumed. The exact percentage was 39.1%. These data represent an all-time high for wind power production in Denmark.

2013 set the record 32.5% of the energy consumed in the country. Rasmus Petersen, the Danish Minister for Climate and Energy, compares it to wind power production 10 years ago, in 2004 wind power in Denmark reached 18.8% of consumption, they have therefore managed to double this figure in just 10 years. A milestone and a fine example for the development of renewable energies.

“We had an impressive success that is talked about all over the world. At the Lima climate conference, many were interested in the Danish model, which clearly tells us that when we want, we can “

The minister said that Denmark is preparing for half of its electricity consumption by 2020 to be wind power. A goal that will be totally achievable, since they are only 10.9% of achieving it.

“We will achieve another world record, which will show that climate change can be stopped”

Rasmus Petersen continues.

January 2014 was its record month, with 61.4% of the energy coming from the turbines of its wind farms. They inaugurated a new 400 MW facility that was built at Anholt which will help increase the percentage. Keep in mind that January was a normal month in terms of weather conditions, nothing out of the ordinary.

wind power

Hopefully the 2015 figures continue to set a record in the Scandinavian country, making the world understand that renewables are an alternative to the current energy model.