I don’t know if you remember that last month we gave one shoe another life because this time as I promised we are going to give another life to the other shoe that we left alone and old 🙂 and as you can see it has two different uses, doorstop or bookends …


  • 1 old shoe.
  • Newspaper.
  • Toilet paper or paper towels.
  • White tail.
  • Needle and thread.
  • The scissors.
  • 1 cord.
  • Paints and brushes.
  • Fun 🙂

We will repeat the same steps as the previous one, not much changes …

Step 1.

The shoe should be clean, especially the bottom.

You take off the lacing and anything else that might bother you, but leave the tape where the lacing goes because you will need it, if they are like the ones in this shoe.


2nd step.

To fill the shoe, put newspaper on the tip, then continue with stones and to finish filling, newspaper again.

It should not be very swollen and no empty spaces, try to make it look normal as if you are wearing it.


Step 3.

Now you sew the tongue with the edge (I don’t know what it’s called here, in Venezuela we say tongue to this part of the shoe :)).

The color of the thread does not matter because it will not be seen later.

It must be baked because this way it stays fixed and you will not have any problem when you stick the paper.


Step 4.

And here your shoe will start to take shape!

You need to glue toilet paper or paper towels all over the shoe (this is not necessary underneath).

Be sure to leave the holes where the cord releases.

The paper can be easily torn, first glue the shoe with a big brush, put the small strips of paper on it, and put more glue on the paper.

Do not drag the brush with the glue on the paper, you should do it with soft touches so that it does not break.

If the glue is very thick, you can mix it with water.

Little paper is used, with 2 coats is enough, this is only to give it texture. Also, the advantage of working with toilet paper is that when it is wet and dry it becomes very hard and this is what will give the shoe its stiffness, the other advantage is that being white you don’t need to paint with a white base and if you do it anyway, you spend less paint.

When you are done, let it dry well, without touching it, at least 1 day.


Step 5.

Once dry, it’s time to paint the shoe! J

As the previous shoe was very feminine with flowers, this time I made it in such a way that it could be for both girls and boys garçons

I gave it a coat of white first, then just black outlines. The reason for this shoe are signs, lines, clouds, flowers, hearts, stars … but you, do it as you want 😉


Step 6.

After painting you put on the cord, which can be the same or what you have. This time use the same as it is black and it goes well with the decoration which is only black and white.

Remember that the decoration can always be changed to your liking and depending on the materials you have in your home.


And it’s ready !! to enjoy the shoe holding your door or your books !!

Hope you enjoyed it and don’t forget to give your shoes another life 🙂

If you have any comments or questions, just write !!

Naule Arvelo.