Lantern with Tetra Bricks

Today I bring you the step by step to take a lantern or a candle holder with tetra brik, which we can get very easily at home because now they are used in many drinks and one day I started saving them thinking that something must come to me with them and that is what came out.

At first with the idea of ​​making them to order and I continue to do so, but today I share it for those who dare to recycle these containers that stay so much at home.


  • Tetra brik. As many as you want.
  • Marker pen.
  • Scissors, cutter.
  • Newsprint, magazine or folios to reuse.
  • Toilet paper or paper towels (optional).
  • White tail.
  • Sandpaper.
  • Water-based paint of the desired colors, brush and / or small brush.

Steps to making your own lantern with Tetra Brik.

You can therefore make a lantern or a candle holder with tetra brik.

  1. Step 1.

    On the tetra brik mark with a marker the shape you want to give your candle holder.

  2. 2nd step.

    You cut it with scissors or a box cutter, which makes it easier for you to use depending on what you’re going to cut.

  3. Step 3.

    Start gluing the paper, using a chubby brush or a small paintbrush, put white glue on the container and glue a layer of used newspaper, magazine or folios, and you will cut off the excess so that it has the shape you want, if you let it Dry to cut off the excess when it is dry, it will be harder and it will be more difficult to cut in the corners.

    An easier way to glue the paper is to cut it into strips, it’s easier to manage.

  4. Step 4.

    After you glue the first layer all over the container (outside and inside) you let it dry, it may take several hours, you may need to continue the next day.

  5. Step 5.

    You repeat the process of pasting the paper. Two coats are enough.

  6. Step 6.

    If you want to give it a rustic look like the one I made, you put a layer of toilet or kitchen paper. One coat is sufficient since the latter is only for the rustic finish.

    You should always allow sufficient drying time between each layer of paper. If you prefer, before marking it on the tetrabrik, you can make a paper mold. Here you will see 3 different models, but the creativity is endless

  7. Step 7.

    When it is dry, it will be very hard. Sand the edges a little.

  8. Step 8.

    Paint it however you like. I used only one color for each but you can make any design you like.

  9. Step 9.

    If the last layer of paper is white, you can paint it directly with the desired color; If the last layer of paper is colored or has letters, it is advisable to paint it with a white base before painting it in the final color.

And it’s ready! to show authentic lanterns made by you.


Hope you liked it and enjoy doing it.

Author: Naule Arvelo.