This is a tutorial on how to make your own drinking boot. When I was a kid I was hiking and always liked wearing a rain boot instead of a canteen mainly because it’s easy to handle and not made of hard plastic like stone.

Then we will give you a photo tutorial on how to make your own drinking boot.

The start-up traditional was made of cow bladders and coated with resin. Unless you have access to a cow that no longer needs her bladder, I think it might be a little easier to do. I wasn’t able to find a DIY tutorial for any of them and thought it would be a good idea to share my design with everyone.

If you have one T-shirt old, towel or other fabric that you liked but can’t use / use anymore, this is a perfect project for you. And I bet everyone has these materials readily available.We will start.

What do you need to make a drinking boot?

  • 1 needle
  • The scissors
  • Marker pen
  • Super glue
  • Knife
  • Tape
  • Cardboard
  • Empty plastic bag
  • Wire or rope
  • Old t-shirt

How to do it

First step

  • Using the marker and the piece of cardboard, draw a model as you want for your shoe. Some people prefer it to be more circular, while others stick to the traditional shape of the boot.
  • It doesn’t matter if the lines and arcs of the model are not perfect. Once we have sewn the fabrics together, you will not be able to detect any patterns. This will be used to create the faces for the border, and then we’ll remove it.

Second step

  • Place the template on the left side of the shirt. DO NOT place the template directly in the center of the fabric, or there isn’t enough space to cut everything, and we want to sew as little as possible in the following steps.
  • Draw the negative outline on the shirt by placing the Sharpie several times on the template and pulling it toward the edge of the template on the shirt.

  • I don’t recommend trying to trace around the template, as pulling and pulling the fabric will not result in a perfect outline.
  • Mirror the model along the vertical line of the jersey. Leave at least two fingers of space between the lines.
  • Don’t worry about getting into the fabric, as we’ll be stitching the edges together, and you don’t even see any Sharpie marks on the edges.

Third step

  • With the new Sharpie, draw two lines vertical from top to bottom of the shirt (any ruler will work – no need to use a ruler). The intersection of the template stands out about 3 to 4 inches (or about 3 fingers in length).
  • The reason the patterns intersect is because we want this pattern unfolded as a box and we’re going to sew everything together in the next few steps, so that it’s strong enough to carry water.
  • Once done, cut the trail of the rain boot into one piece. DO NOT cut along the intersection of the vertical lines and the template.

Fourth step

  • Take the empty water bottle making sure it is dry (that you don’t want the knife to slip) and cut off the top third of the bottle. Keep the top of a third that you just cut and discard the rest.