If you are one of those people who like to be different from others and wear the most original accessories. Take note of the ingenious ideas we offer you below. T-shirts, can caps, plastic bottles and bags, cardboard, paper, jeans… You can make a bag!


Recycled bag – Plastic bags

Plastic bags are probably the most disposable and accumulative item we all have in our home. They give them to us in stores and supermarkets with every purchase and we’ll probably throw them away eventually. And, as we know, it is a big negative effect on the environmente, being a very low degradation material. But what can we do with it? A plastic bag is one of the best ways to give this material a second use and, on top of that, it allows you to create very interesting designs. And how to do it? Well, one method can be to combine the crochet technique with plastic bags. to “weave” the bag.

Recycled bag – T-shirts

Do you know that old shirt that you don’t wear anymore and you don’t know where to keep it? That shirt that got big or small over time? Well you can use them to create your own bag! If you go from a shirt, you just need to cut the sleeves to the same size, so that we don’t have one handle bigger than the other. Then we do the same with the neck, so we’ll create better access, and you’re good to go. Taking advantage of t-shirts and fabrics with fun prints, textures or designs, you can create completely unique bags. And, above all, highly personalized.

Recycled bag – Fabric

As with old t-shirts, pieces of fabric are also things that sometimes accumulate around the house and you don’t know what to do with them. Although they are of different textures and colors, we can use several pieces to create a nice original bag. It may not be the perfect complement to go every day, nor for a rainy day, but for shopping or for an informal trip it can be very useful. The best thing is that they are also environmentally friendly and being made of fabric you can wash them without any complications.

Recycled fabric bag

Recycled bag – Cowboy

These jeans that are already badly worn or have become too small can still have a second chance, they can become your favorite bag. Cut the nailsFrom one of them, separate six long strips of two wide fingers and take advantage of the rest of the fabric to make the bag of the bag itself. Then you just need to make two braids with the bands and sew them like handles. As with the fabric bags, you will have made a modern and ecological accessory that you can wash with great ease.

Recycled bag – Paper

Paper is a material we use every day and in the vast majority of cases we throw it away without giving it good use. However, you stopped to think what can we do with it? Well if you have spare paper advertising brochures, newspapers Yes journals, you can sew it as if it were fabric and make your own colorful bag. Of course, remember not to wear it on rainy days!

Recycled bag – Pewter rings

In this case, we will not be able to make a whole bag just on the basis tin rings, but they can be a great addition to complement, detail, and add color to your more traditional bags. Plus, as with all the examples we give you, it’s a great way to recycle used plates; then the planet will thank you too.

Recycled pewter rings

Recycled bag – Crochet

The classic of classics, crochet. Far from the popular image of grandma’s crochet, this material couldn’t be more in fashion. And it’s also incredibly easy and simple to work with him. The best? Combine a crochet “base” with other items we list in this article, like tin rings or old DVDs, to make a super quirky and fun bag.

Recycled bag – CD and DVD

Two CDs and a handful of threads, with just that you can create a quirky little bag in a way that couldn’t be faster and easier. How? ‘Or’ What? well apply the crochet technique; You cover one of the CDs (or DVDs, they also work) that will be the base of the bag, then you continue to weave as much as you want. The other CD or DVD will be the cover of the bag, if you want one. And after you finish covering it, you will only need to knit a few handles. Last detail? Make a star or other figurine and use it to cover the CD ring, for extra originality.

Recycled bag – Cardboard

Did you know that the act of making cardboard crafts is called cardboard? Well, strange as it sounds, you can make a bag out of this material as well. Thanks to its consistency and semi-rigidity, it is perfect to be used as a base to achieve, for example, a nice clutch or purse, and cover it with a fabric that we will sew on the sides. As a final element, we can put a magnetic closure and a small accessory to add a detail.

Recycled bag – Plastic bottle

We have already talked about plastic bags as the first of the materials that can be used to make a bag. But, we can’t forget its related cousins, the bottles. These can also be used and reused as part of your daily supplement. Cut the bottles into strips and then use the interlacing technique to create different types of bags. Yes, in addition you combine plastic from different bottlesyou can create colorful patterns and the sea of ​​originals.

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