More and more of us are encouraged to recycle everyday objects to give it another functionality and thus be able to give them other uses. In this direction our blog goes today. We will ask ourselves the following question: How many times have we gone to the glass container to throw away glass jars or jars? Surely a lot, and why not recycle them? Today we will see different ideas for decorating mason jars or glass jars, turn them into beautiful flowerpots or have a romantic dinner as a candle holder.

Ideas for decorating mason jars or glass jars

Many times we come across a real collection of Glass jars or glass cans to take to the recycling bin. Maybe you are considering change the decor of the house and you look at little details that help change the look of your home.

So one of the ideas for decorating mason jars simpler and more original is to transform your pots into tissue dispensers. In the end, everyone uses them and, if you can have them on hand, so much the better. You just need to paint the glass jar to your liking and make a hole in the lid, through which you can remove the tissues without having to open the jar.

Another of ideas for decorating mason jars that sweeps is that of transform the boat into a mini sewing box. The advantage of this idea is that you will avoid taking the whole sewing box, because in this mini sewing box you will have the essentials. How to convert it? You just have to put the puff area on top and the decoration you want to give it on the outside. Of course, we recommend that you leave the bottle intact, to see what is in it.

¿What if we turn the glass bottle into a gel or shampoo dispenser for the bathroom?? Very large. Without a doubt, one of the ideas for decorating mason jars more productive. Of course, beware that these jars are misleading and you can put a whole bottle of shampoo or gel on when filling. If you have little ones they will surely like to put their name on the pot and believe it’s theirs

An original and fun way to decorate mason jars from the kitchen, uses black paint. As seen in the image, you can give it any shape you want and, when it dries, paint on it. Okay, you can see the inside, but what does it look like?

And if what we’re looking for is something slimmer and more elegant, one of the ideas for decorating mason jars that we can implement comes from the hand of a piece of cloth. It is line the inside of the boat with a pretty colorful fabric, to be used as storage for small items. Jewelry, earrings, watches … whatever looks good on you, you can keep it there. Of course, don’t forget to close it

So why not use this collection of pots to give another look to the house. For example, decorate them to serve as cotton dispenser for the bathroom. Decorated with a strip of lace, a cord and some pearls.

Today we want to present many ideas for recycling glass jars and giving them a new practical and above all functional use. Using mMaterials such as paint, lace, paper, rope, etc., only the imagination can put limits on how much we can recreate from a material to be recycled.

Glass jars for lighting

The idea of ​​using the jars or the jars that we no longer use to give them other uses, also happens to be beautiful compositions, where the pots can do lantern function to illuminate a beautiful and romantic corner. A very fun and easy way to brighten up a forgotten and dark corner. Some pots that can be of different sizes and only contain a few grains can create this effect.

When the Christmas dates, We have a really fun idea you can use to set the mood for those familiar and endearing nights. A very simple decoration, following the rule of 3, two identical pots and a larger one. With pita string and a few small pineapples that we can find in the field, we can make these beautiful glass candle holder. If instead of using white gel we use golden sand, we will make it look even more Christmas.

So far we have only seen lights with little decoration, now we want to show you a lighting idea from a few pots of yogurt. Simply a satin bow or a felt strip and Self-adhesive paper with the design you love and appreciate the most.

Glass jars

Another great option for reuse a glass jar or jar, transform them into a planter or a vase. Glass jars allow us to make very curious and beautiful compositions. We can turn a transparent glass jar into one of fun colors simply applying paint inside, so that we can make different flower arrangements, with flower pots Very funny.

Anyone who says that they have no place for plants, here we present a great idea to integrate them into our decoration and without taking up space. Nail simple but very ingenious idea, ideal for a decoration with rustic touches. If you are also certain cooking freaks, you may want to have on hand, fresh rosemary or natural mint.

If we want to create a floating garden, nothing better than to make a composition with a lot of jars of different sizes of glass. Painted in fun colors or different shades we can create hanging gardens by choosing climbing plants or just filling them with aromatic flowers.

Glass as a container

Another of the ideas that we offer to decorate jars or glass jars, is to decorate them as a space container. For example, we can dedicate a glass jar to store sweets, a simple decoration since it is a question of using a template with the motif that we like the most inside and then painting the boat.

Other times we don’t know how to rearrange a desk, we have the pens, paper clips, scissors, etc. in a drawer. To get everything is well organized and also give a more chic look to your office, nothing better than to use recycled glass jars and jars.

In that case, chalkboard paint To paint the glass jars, this time the paint was applied to the outside since it is a chalkboard type paint, i.e. we can write and erase as many times as we want.

We can make from spice rack to jars for save flour, sugar, coffee, cocoa, etc. It will all depend on the bottles or glass jars we have to recycle with. As an example, serve this simple rustic inspired furniture and made with recycled objects, where we never miss any detail.

There is no doubt that social networks They have been installed in every house and proof of them are these emoticons done with paint and a lot of imagination. By using indelible markers, which cannot be erased, we can perform gestures outside, while the interior, as always, will be the one painted.

Our children are growing up and there comes a time when the bedroom stays “small” and you need what we call a senior bedroom. Save all childhood toys It would be impossible unless we had a great storage room, now we can use some of these rooms place them as ornaments on the lids of the jars that we will have previously painted or lined to taste.

A stylish piggy bank, what doesn’t it look like? A white painted glass jar and decorated with golden purple and a declaration of love in the center. A nice way to save savings for that special trip you want to take with your partner.

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