It’s a fact: we all accumulate unnecessary items in our homes. For laziness to throw them away, for nostalgia, or simply to forget the “problem”. We have this cupboard, pantry or storage room full of things that are no longer of interest to us, or that are awaiting filing for new use, in the best case … Until today, because in this article we will teach you how to give a second chance at those things you thought you were going to throw away. Read on and start dusting and removing items from the garbage or recycling!


Recycling ideas

In the context of this article, we call recycling the act of reuse and give a second life to these objects that we were going to take out of our homes. Therefore, we are talking about the clothes you no longer wear and have stored in the typical heavy duty plastic bag somewhere lost in the storage room collecting dust. Or all those containers that we buy almost daily, whether they are plastic or glass, which we usually put in trash cans or recycling bins.

We want you to be creative and have a good time doing Arts and crafts, think and transform things with your own hands. That you are eco responsible for your actions (have you thought that most of the plastic containers that we don’t recycle end up on the ocean floor, even creating an artificial island in the Pacific?). We want you to save money. Most importantly, we want you to feel satisfied once you are able to breathe new life into the products around you. Prepare?

Ideas for recycling clothes

Clothes that are already old-fashioned, shrunk, deteriorated or simply that we no longer like, are hidden in a corner of our homes. While giving it to charity for those who need it is a great deed, we can also set aside some of it to give it another use. Here are some ideas:

  • Jersey cushions, which will be divine on our sofa or armchair.
  • Cut the fabric from any type of clothing to cover pots or pots.
  • With a sweatshirt integrated into a cushion we can get a new bed for our pet, be it a dog or a cat.
  • Old t-shirts that become well-known bagshandbag“.
  • The jeans It is a very versatile garment that always looks perfect: you can double up an infinite number of things, like your purse, your purse or your personal diary.

In most cases, advanced sewing techniques are not necessary, so anyone can apply them without major hassle. You dare?

Ideas for recycling bottles

We offer a practical exercise: go to your kitchen, living room or bedroom, and count the bottles you use as well as those you have already thrown away, plastic and glass. Surprised by the overall result? Indeed, our house is full of beer, water or soda bottles, so we are going to enjoy it in a creative way.

Ideas for recycling plastic bottles

  • Drinking glasses made from PET bottles: we will only need a CD that we do not use and a plastic bottle, which we will cut in half. The CD will serve as a cup holder.
  • A brush: yes, as you read. It is also very simple. This involves cutting a bottle into thin strips, starting from its lower part. These bands will be the bristles of the future broom, to which we will add a wooden stick on the part of the cap. Cheap and easy.
  • Pencil holder: once again, we cut a bottle in half, this time smaller, (33 0 50 cl.) to better organize our office at zero cost.
  • WalletWhat if we added a zipper in the middle of two cut plastic bottle bases? Well, we get a great handbag for storing coins or other personal items.
  • Urban garden: Plant your favorite vegetables in bottles! Ideal to hang on the walls of our gardens or terraces. More ecological, impossible.
  • Lamp: in 5 or 8 liter water cans, you can install a 100% efficient craft lamp.

Plastic bottle recycling ideas

Ideas for recycling glass bottles

Glass is an essential element in the decoration of our homes. The ideas for recycling glass bottles to our liking are almost endless. Here are the best:

  • Vase or improvised vase: a classic that will never die. Simple and very effective for decorative purposes.
  • Soap dispenser for the bathroom.
  • Lamps: another classic. If you cut the neck of a glass bottle, we have an ideal space to make a light installation, inserting a bulb. It gives a lot of play for example when inviting friends over to a dinner party or outside a house, hanging from a tree.
  • Candlestick.
  • Organizer of different foods in the kitchen, even the utensils.
  • Tupperware improvised to take to our work.
  • Container to display our memories or memories. They will look scary in our living room or main room.

Ideas for recycling packaging

Not all plastic and glass is just bottles. Tetra-brik containers, containers with a handle, soap containers, etc. With them, we can also give free rein to our imagination:

  • A shovel: with any container with a handle, such as a plastic milk bottle, we can create a shovel to do gardening tasks, for example. To do this, we will carefully extract the handle from the bottle so that it becomes a shovel by magic. A few scissors will suffice to complete the simple process.
  • For support mobile while charging: a container of body soap, for example, cut out on the back, will serve as the base for our mobile phone, which will hang on the charger without having to rest on the floor.
  • Organizer: again, the bottles with cut out handles can be used to organize all kinds of items in our house. This time, we will not cut the handle, but only part of the bottle that allows us to access to put things in it. Very convenient.

Ideas for recycling packaging

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