Orange roses9

“Orange roses” you can decorate with a fantastic mixture of dried flower petals. You can design and make your own eco-friendly decorative patterns yourself.


Orange roses1
Orange roses2

Peel the fruit in a spiral from the top, try to take the whole white area of ​​the cut.

Orange roses3

You will have an orange area and a white lapel.

Orange roses4

Screw on the shell until it forms a rose as seen in the picture.

Orange roses5

We will place it near a radiator to dry it, or equivalent. The rose-shaped crust will become more solid as it dries. You can also use other fruits, here is a test with the apple.

Orange roses7

You can also cut the white layer under the orange peel, dry it and you will get this result:

Orange roses6

If you cut an orange or tangerine and dry it, you will also get a great natural decorative element for your flower arrangements.

Orange roses8

All you have to do is decorate everything with other elements like dried flowers or plants and whatever else you have on hand and see how it can look good. Power to the imagination!