Christmas tree

After the tutorials of the lantern with tetra brik and the lamp with Tetra Brik, this time our friend Naulé Arvelo surprises us with this original Christmas tree.

November is over and we are closer to celebrating Christmas, so this time I bring you a mini Christmas tree with cardboard tubes of toilet paper and whatever else you have at home to decorate it.


  • 2 cardboard tubes (for a small tree).
  • Green paint.
  • Glue (the one that dries quickly).
  • Cardboard and felt for the star (you can do this with any other material if you haven’t felt it).
  • To decorate, I used balls of yarn. You can use what you have.
  • Brush, ruler, pencil, scissors and cutter.

Steps to make your own Christmas tree with cardboard tubes.

Step 1.

christmas tree step 2

Measure the cardboard tube and divide it into 3 equal parts. They are normally 9cm long, you can cut them into 3 pieces of 3cm. With 6 of these rings a small tree comes out, but you can make it any size you want with the same technique.

christmas tree step 1

Cut them with a cutter, trying not to crush the tube so that it does not warp.

christmas tree step 3

If the edges are very jagged, you can secure them with soft sandpaper or scissors.

2nd step.

Paint them inside and out. I painted them green, but it can also be white or red, do it according to your taste and imagination.

christmas tree step 4

Step 3.

While the rings are drying, you can prepare whatever you are going to use to decorate it. I cut balls of yarn because it was what I had at home.

christmas tree step 5

For the star, use cardboard and felt. If you don’t have felt, you can paint the cardboard or use glitter.

christmas tree step 6

Step 4.

christmas tree step 7

What you are going to use for decorating is already prepared and the rings are dry, now glue them next to each other, the first row of 3, the second of 2 and the last 1.

christmas tree step 8

If your tree is taller you decide the amount, you just need to make the rows with 1 circle less as it goes up.

christmas tree step 9

Step 5.

christmas tree step 10

Finally you glue the star, decorate as you wish and it’s ready!

Christmas tree

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