Today I bring 3 things in one 😀

This tutorial was going to be on how to make a vase out of a yogurt pot, but since it is very easy and the technique can be applied to other things, I added 2 more examples. So today you will learn the triple 😀

We start with the vase.

vase with recycled packaging


  • 1 half-liter jar of liquid yogurt (or similar).
  • White tissue paper.
  • Dried flowers and / or leaves (natural).
  • Sisal rope.
  • Lace.
  • White glue and hot or cold silicone.
  • Thick brush, scissors.

Step 1. Vase recycling plastic containers.

After removing the tag and washing the container well, glue the lace around the mouth, upwards, so that if you see it from above, you will see like a flower.

vase recycling plastic containers

Step 2. Vase recycling plastic containers.

Now, using a large paintbrush, put some white glue mixed with water in the container, where the tissue paper is going to be glued, at the bottom, where the neck curve ends at the very bottom .

Then you put a strip of paper of the desired height and so that it goes all the way around the container, and you let it dry (sea paper is very delicate and can tear when wet) .

Once this is dry, glue the dried leaves and / or flowers also with white glue and let them dry. In this case, take the flower apart and glue the loose petals and leaves I made with tissue paper.

When all this is well glued and dry, you apply a layer of white glue without mixing with water, using a soft brush. This will make a clear coat like a varnish to protect it. And again, you let it dry.

vase reusing plastic containers 1

Step 3. Vase recycling plastic containers.

Now with patience, start winding the sisal rope from the top, you need to put glue to stick little by little, using silicone (hot it is more comfortable because it dries quickly and you don’t no need to wait to continue rolling).

You need to cover the bottom part of the lace, the whole neck of the container until you cover a bit where the paper starts, cut and continue to do the same at the bottom.

To make it well finished, you can put sisal rope around the mouth, so that the plastic edge is not visible (look at the details in the pictures).

And ready !!

vase recycling plastic containers 2

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Pencil holder reusing plastic containers.

We continue with another very similar one, but with the pencil holder function.

pencil holder reusing plastic containers

Using very similar materials and the same technique, except that it is a container of white glue from which I cut the upper part where the cover goes; I decorated it with a strip of watercolor paper on which I painted flowers and for the sisal rope I used the same technique above.

You can use any type of similar container and whatever materials you have available to decorate it.

Candy maker reusing plastic containers.

And finally, we have a very sweet one !! to save the candies 😀


Here I used a glass container of coffee.

You must remove the label and wash well, so that there is no trace of paper or glue.

I glued the sleeve with silicone as close as possible to the cover but not to be in the way so that it closes well; I cut hearts and the word “sweet” from red felt to combine it with the lid and also glued them with silicone (it can be cold or hot), and with that we already have a jar to store the candies.

Hope you like the ideas, they are very easy and quick to do, alone or with children.

Remember, you can always adapt ideas to suit your materials and creativity.

For any questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to write to us.

Naulé Arvelo.