the renewable energies These are all those which are obtained from inexhaustible natural sources and which do not imply any type of contamination for the environment. Currently, renewable energies in Spain do not yet have the weight that they have in other countries, although a radical change is expected in the years to come.

In fact, at the end of 2016, nearly 16% of all the energy consumed in our country came from renewable energies. Of all, solar energy has a special role, about which we can learn a little more in my, the new independent distributor offering the best green light deals in the Spanish energy sector.

Hydro, wind and solar power in Spain.

The most popular renewable energies in Spain are hydropower, wind power and solar power.

18.5% of the electrical energy produced in Spain today comes from Hydro-electric power, which is obtained from the movement of water. A clean and indigenous type of energy, but which requires specific infrastructure and favorable weather conditions.

The wind power, for its part, it can cover up to 18% of our country’s annual electricity demand. This type of energy is the one that comes from the force of the wind, being in turn one of the most usable since its production is inexpensive. Clean energy that does not pollute.

Finally, the solar energy This barely translates to 5% of the total electricity demand in our country. In this sense, much remains to be done to achieve the appropriate levels of production of this type of energy. And all this despite the fact that Spain is one of the countries with the most hours of sunshine throughout the year.

Podo’s commitment to green energy.

Podo company is one of the new independent marketers betting on the offer green light to all your customers. A formula with which they intend to revolutionize the electricity market by adapting to the consumption needs of individuals, families and their businesses.

According to the main network comparators, Podo offers the best personalized rates sector today. Consumption-adjusted tariffs that a user can pay at his home so that he can pay exclusively for what he spends.

Renewable energies, coupled with the current digital transformation, are causing a radical change in the energy industry. A change with which Podo has been associated since its creation, a little over two years ago, and which allows its customers to access the maximum savings and simplicity in your invoices.

The use of artificial intelligence and big data has made Podo the first company in the energy sector in our country to use new technologies. So much so that Google itself described Podo as a Success stories.

A technology that allows us to decide how much energy we want to consume, what price to pay and how we can save to reduce the impact on the environment.

Consumption control to promote savings.

Precisely, Podo is a pioneer in consumption control What can we do about our electricity bill? To date, conventional electricity companies only inform us of energy consumption when they send us the home electricity bill at the end of the month.

Podo, meanwhile, offers its customers a user account from which we can easily manage our consumption. By accessing it, we will have the possibility of knowing every day and in real time the energy expenditure that we have accumulated in our house. This way, saving will be much more feasible and comfortable.

At the same time, through this same customer account, we have at our disposal a series of consumption alerts, which will notify us when we have exceeded the established expenditure.

A customer account in which we will also find savings advice and up to one energy efficiency report every three months so that we can keep more comprehensive control of our consumption.

The truth is that there are many advantages to contract the electricity and gas services of Podo. And not just because of its full commitment to renewables which ultimately will be essential for the energy future, but also in its clear attempt to ensure that consumers can save as much as possible on the bill. electricity.

Really very beneficial measures if we take into account the constant fluctuations that occur each month with the price of electricity.

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